For a powerful and successful digital marketing campaign usually, the same features and details are needed, but there are also different needs for different industries and customer bases. Some industries can achieve better results with certain social media platforms and digital marketing tools.

The tourism and travel industry has become heavily dependent on digital marketing for ads and campaigns compared to other industries. Transportation means, travel planning and reservations for accommodation along with payments are now all done over the internet. 

It is crucial to use strategies specifically created for the travel and tourism industry’s buyers. In this blog post of our, we have created a guide consisting of suggestions and tips for you.


1- Keep the B2B and B2C Campaigns Separate


The travel industry is one of those rare fields that address both individuals and companies of different sizes. For individuals, there are vacations and travels for fun or rest, and companies need travel companies for business trips.

If your travel company is providing services to both of these client bases it would be wise to build strategies and create campaigns separately for them. B2B marketing has quite different dynamics compared to the B2C ones. You may have to use different social media platforms, increase your paid ads and use a different tone with the content you create.

It may seem like creating different campaigns and then launching them is a waste of time and budget but you will achieve a high ROI rate and a strong brand identity.


2- Limit Your Target Audience in Certain Locations with Geofencing


Travel is one of the few industries that can benefit largely from geofencing. You can use this digital marketing tool to make your campaigns visible to people only in certain locations. For example, you can only target the people who are currently in the airport of a certain city. That way your target audience can be people who are traveling without any plans or reservations. In that case, you will achieve a higher ROI with your hotel and car rental ads.

Through geofencing, you can reach the right audiences with special promotions for certain locations. This way you will not only increase your sales but also save budget and energy by not spending any ad money on the wrong audiences.


3- Segment Your Target Audience to Deliver Personalized Messages


Travel has a different meaning for everyone. Some people love lying under the sun and listening to the sound of the waves, some like to trek and climb tirelessly in the mountains, and some love going to a new city and discovering its secrets. With that knowledge, you may want to segment your audience using different demographic information and send every segment different campaigns with personalized messages.

For a successful segmentation, you need to remember that there should be a sufficient amount of data. The raw data you have collected must be analyzed and organized thoroughly to be used accordingly. Raw data has no meaning on its own.


4- Focus on Content and Increase the Use of Images


Content, especially visual content is your strongest weapon while promoting travel products and services. You need to be able to help your customers visualize the details of their dream vacation.

In addition to that, visitors should be able to find even the smallest detail of information on your website, this is extremely important for B2B clients and makes your brand more trustworthy in their eyes.


5- Use Email Templates Specifically Designed For Your Industry


Email marketing is a quite marketing tool useful for the travel industry. It helps you reach larger audiences with relatively smaller budgets. Segmentation and personalization are easier to execute with email marketing. And if you use templates with good quality designs, you can create a consistent image for your brand and strengthen the brand loyalty of your subscribers.

Euromsg express offers templates, designed specifically for different industries -including the travel and tourism industry- all according to their needs. With these templates, you can now save time and energy while always sending put-together and smart-looking emails.


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