Member & Report Integration

With euromsg express, integrate your CRM platform easily, instantly upload your members to euromsg express, track your reports over CRM!

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Do you use a CRM platform to keep your member lists in order and up to date? Do you want to send emails to the saved members on your CRM without having to do anything manually? Things are so much easier with euromsg express! Your CRM platform will integrate to euromsg express and the members on your lists will automatically slide into euromsg express. All that is left to do for you is to prepare the template and press send.


You can view your reports over the platform without leaving the CRM and track the results of your campaign and the campaign is sent.

Easy API Integration

API services offering an easy integration process for developers and technical support

Automatic List Flow

Automated flow of the lists in the CRM to euromsg express and dual list synchronization

Automatic Report Flow

Tracking the campaign reports after the campaign is sent over both euromsg express and the CRM.

Automatic Member Flow

Automated flow of the member in the CRM to euromsg express and dual list synchronization

All the Features You Will Need

  • API integration
  • No limit on the number of members to add
  • Transmissibility optimization
  • Personalized delivery
  • Automatic list flow between platforms
  • Automated member flow between platforms
  • Automated member status update between platforms
  • Automated campaign reports flow between platforms
  • Automatic campaign status tracking between platforms
  • Member-based campaign status inquiry
  • List-based campaign status inquiry
  • Mark-as-spam tracking
  • Customer support communication
  • KVKK & GDPR compatible basis

Member & Report Integration

You can become our partner with euromsg express Member & Report Integration and offer your customers a fast and safe email service.
  • Manage your sales process,
  • Create suitable packages to send to your account,
  • Create private accounts for your members,
  • Let your users use a multi-sender profile over one account.

For the integration process, you must contact our system team for IP identification, username and password information.

These Processes Will Offer Your Customers;

  • Uploading multiple lists, Your users can create limitless lists and segment them depending on the receivers’ characteristics with euromsg express api integration.
  • Uploading customized templates in addition to the default ones, Your users can upload their own personalized templates to the panel and use & change them as many times as they like with euromsg express api integration.
  • Sending emails, Your users will receive bulk email marketing service and everything about it with euromsg express api integration.
  • Detailed reports, Your users can view detailed reports of the campaigns they sent and will receive receiver-based campaign status reports services with euromsg express api integration.
  • Member management, Your users can manage the consents of the members they added to the panel, posts and member status with euromsg express api integration.
  • Spam score calculation your users can view the spam scores of the templates prepared before sending their campaign and make the necessary changes with euromsg express api integration.
  • User-friendly interface Your users can easily create and send email marketing content with user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop template structure with euromsg express api integration.
  • Mobile-compatible design and even more services.
    Your users’ elements in their campaigns like texts and images will take form depending on the device, whether it’s desktop or mobile with euromsg express api integration.

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