Email Marketing Tips for Startups

2/03/2022 | E-mail Marketing

If your company has just taken its place in the industry it is naturally expected that you spend most of your time, effort and budget on marketing. Doing this will help you to reach out to some potential clients or customers, and if you are successful, people are going to be curious about your brand which will lead you to gain new followers.

One of the most recommended digital marketing tools for startups, and undoubtedly the one with the highest rate of success, is email marketing. While social media is a fast and dynamic tool emails are great for clearly explaining your brand, your products or services compared to short social media posts. If you start your marketing efforts with a well-prepared and powerful email marketing strategy you can minimize the time and budget you spend and receive a high ROI. 

In this article, we collected a few of the most important tips on how to create the ideal email marketing campaign for startups. Follow our guide to make a successful start on marketing, increase both your brand awareness and your sales.


Start With An Email List


No matter how well-prepared your email campaign looks, if you don’t have the recipients it will all be meaningless. That’s why your first ever step should be to create an email list and to gain new subscribers.

Email lists are a collection of the email addresses you collect from your blog or website. It won’t be easy to gather email addresses immediately as you begin your marketing process as a startup. To achieve that, you need to use a good email software program to create a landing page and bring new members to your mail lists. The landing page should explain your brand and products in an interesting way, it is also a good idea to create an air of mystery if necessary. You can also offer promotions or sales if you have the budget for it.

Your email list is going to be developed day by day and it is going to turn into revenue for you. But during this time you also should be careful about not losing any subscribers you already have and keep on sending interesting emails without being annoying.


Spend Your Energy and Time into Content


You will need nearly flawless email content to retain the subscribers you have attracted. While it can sometimes be useful to create content that praises your brand and services, it also may become a bore after some time. For that reason, you may want to create fun, interesting or informative content to use on your email campaigns.

Another strategy is to share the development and growth process of your company as a startup. Nowadays customers are more likely to form a bond with brands with a warmer tone in their campaigns and to see the brand’s growth. This can help you to have a more loyal customer and follower base in the future.

Useful and informative content in emails is also another feature subscribers enjoy. Gift guides for special days like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, style tips if you are in the clothing industry, user guides, and lists are all great examples for useful email content. These types of emails can be enriched with images and when sent with an interesting subject line you can be sure they will be read.


Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Emails for Mobile Devices


We all know now that a majority of internet users use their mobile devices to read their emails. That’s why it is crucially important that your emails are optimized for mobile devices. Emails that cannot be viewed on mobile devices or not formatted in the right way so they are hard-to-read are not just going to waste your time, but also leave a bad impact on your brand identity.


Never Too Early For Personalization


No matter how new your startup is, it is never too early to build meaningful communication with your followers and customers. Try personalizing your emails to make your subscribers feel more special. In the following times, offer your first customers or subscribers personalized sales or promotions.



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