How To Create a Permission-Based Email List

4/05/2021 | E-mail Marketing

The first rule of having a successful email marketing campaign is to build a diverse email list. Even though there are many approaches to building a diverse email list, we recommend you to create an organically growing email list that is developed step by step.
It’s surely a legal obligation to get your potential subscribers’ consent when creating the diverse email lists we mentioned. In this journey that will lead you to successful email marketing campaigns, we have compiled approaches for you to apply for the consent of your prospective subscribers or customers and make them a member of your email list.

Create Forms for Your Web Site

These forms, which many of us encounter on the websites we visit, can become one of the most important resources for creating email lists when used correctly. When placing these forms on your website, you should pay attention to positioning your email subscription forms at a prominent point on your site and to make the form button attractive. Your users shouldn’t struggle to find an email subscription form on your website, on the contrary, they must find themselves filling it as soon as they enter the site, even if this was not their initial purpose. The next thing you need to pay attention to is that the form you create briefly outlines the essential points. We recommend that you do not request any information other than name-surname and email addresses from your customers. Otherwise, your customers may find the form too long to fill or may have concerns about privacy issues.

Publish The Forms You Create Not Only On Your Website But Also On Other Channels

You should not use the forms you create only on the homepage of your website. Using the forms you create only on your website may be overlooked by your users or they may not consider filling it as a priority. We recommend you to include your forms in many channels as we will further mention in the rest of our content.

Place Your Forms in the Pop-ups

You can attract the attention of your customers with your website pop-ups that you display at the right time, and direct them to the subscription form with the link you place on the pop-up. The most important point here is paying attention to the timing of your pop-ups. If you display the pop-ups randomly, it can disturb them and even if they were to fill out the form, it might discourage them. We advise you to determine the right time for your users, taking their behavior into account.

Your Forms Can Also Appear On Your Users’ Action Screens

You can include the subscription form in the transactional emails you send about order information, invoices, other order-related issues or on the payment screens of your website and thus keep your customers informed. This is how you can keep reminding your customers of yourself and encouraging them to fill out the form.

Grant Privileges to Your Users

Finally, we would like to talk about a very effective method, the privileges you will give to your customers if they subscribe to your emails. The discount or service opportunities you will provide should your customers subscribe, will significantly increase the rate of your customers filling out the form and your email list will grow considerably. In this win-win situation, both your customers and you will get what you want.

You Can Enlarge Your Email List with Effective Social Media Use

You can use your social media accounts to grow your email list as well as their existing functions, what’s better is you do not need extreme measures for this. By sharing your emails sent to your subscribers on your social media accounts as “Have you seen our last email?”, you can attract the attention of your current subscribers to your content and show your prospective subscribers what awaits them when they fill out the form.

Make Sure You Include the Links of Your Forms in Your Social Media Accounts

We recommend that you not only include your email content in your social media posts, but also direct your followers to fill out the form with the link you attach to your posts, as well as including the link of your form on your social media profile. In this way, you can prevent possible overlook.

Never Skip Benefiting from the Offline Channels

If you are organizing an event or a seminar, or if you are a participant or a sponsor of these events, you can add the people there to your email list. You can either collect the needed information one by one with their consent, or make them a part of your email list with the QR code you place in your written and visual resources.

Don’t Let Your Stores Be Merely Your Areas of Sales

Apart from all these, you can also use this tactic in your store. Similarly, you can place QR codes in your packages or in the corners of your store where written or visual materials are placed, allowing your customers to go to a landing page containing information and then to the form page. By using this tactic, you can both improve the customer experience and allow them to fill out your forms.

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