4 Ways to Keep Your Email List Clean and Organized

4/05/2021 | E-mail Marketing

It is an undeniably important strategy to have a large list for any brand that wants to increase sales rates when doing email marketing. Of course, it is very valuable for brands to expand and grow their lists to be successful in e-mail marketing. However, it is much more important for those recipients in your list to be people who are your actual target audience and related to your brand, products and services. Having a quality list of your prospective customers will increase the efficiency of your e-mail marketing campaigns as you are targeting the right people. So, having a clean and organized list is one of the golden rules of success. How can you get a quality list though? Let’s examine together.

1- Your Unsubscribe Links Should Be Plain and Clear

Your recipients who subscribe to your emails may lose their interest in campaigns, information or news about your brand after a while and may not want to receive any emails from you again. In this case, you should offer your recipients the option to unsubscribe, which will also provide you with a reliable brand image. Make sure that you offer the option to unsubscribe by giving explicit references such as “To unsubscribe…” at the bottom of your emails for those who have lost interest in your brand. In this way, you will ensure that you have the people from your target audience in your list, which will make you achieve a much higher success in your email marketing campaigns. Please note that in accordance with the anti-spam rules and General Data Protection Regulation, it is mandatory to include the option to unsubscribe in your emails.

2- Get Feedback From Your Subscribers

Some of the subscribers who receive your campaigns may have stopped clicking on the content you send them. This situation may have occurred due to the user’s personal preferences or because the content sent by you did not attract their attention. In order to clarify why your recipients may have lost interest in the content they receive, you can send them emails to communicate with them and ask to share the topics they are the most interested. In this way, you can have an idea about what they want, their dissatisfaction or positive feedback about your brand. Make sure you add the users, who do not provide feedback, to your inactive list, and completely remove those who do not want to receive emails. This is how you can keep your list clean and organized.

3- Try To Only Get Subscribers Who Fit Your Target Audience

Adding users who aren’t interested in your products and services to your list will only make your list look more crowded. No matter how large your list is, if it does not include the right users, it is, unfortunately, inefficient. So, avoid creating a list full of irrelevant and unnecessary e-mail addresses. Creating a list consisting of your target audience always ensures that the campaign reaches the recipient in an organized way. This is surely another way to increase your e-mail marketing efficiency. Since the messages are delivered to the relevant audience, the opening and click rates increase, and your return rate also increases equally. The result? An efficient campaign for sure!

4- Create Your Lists By Segmenting Them

Segmented lists are a must for successful email campaigns. Segmenting your email list is crucial to creating a clean list. As this enables you to send your subscribers only the emails that interest them the most. Segmentation while creating your email lists will increase your read rates and return rates, and improve your email deliverability reputation. You can create hundreds of multiple list options under segments such as gender, age, customers, potential customers, business partners, city/country, profession, new subscribers, active subscribers; and increase the success rate by conveying your campaigns to the target audience.

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