Increase Customer Engagement in Your Email Campaigns

11/02/2022 | E-mail Marketing

One of the most important targets of social media campaigns is to lead a brand’s account’s followers to commit engagement. Engagement in digital marketing consists of actions such as customers liking or sharing the posts, or leaving comments under them. The most known benefit of these types of actions is the fact that they make the posts more prominent on the platform they are posted on.

Another advantage of customer engagement turns out to be about how the customers perceive your brand. When social media users like or comment on a post, they feel closer to the brand and keep the brand in their minds for longer. This is great for increasing brand loyalty and sales. That’s why customer engagement needs to be something you make a target in your email campaigns too.

Engagement on email differs on some levels from social media engagement. You won’t be receiving likes and comments for your emails, which is why you should be following another path for engagement. For example, you may ask your subscribers to click on a link in your emails and to fill out a form on that link. You can direct them to play small games and win promotions and sales as rewards or ask them to leave comments. These actions are all perfect examples of customer engagement.

There are several critical points you should care about to create customer engagement through email campaigns and to increase this engagement day by day. This will help you to spend less time and effort to increase both brand awareness and your sales.


Carefully Select Your CTAs


CTA, meaning call-to-action, is a crucial point of a marketing message. This prompting line can help you to lead your customers to any action you want, thus creating engagement. What you need to consider is where to lead your customers. What do you want your subscribers to do? To visit your website or to fill out a questionnaire about customer satisfaction?

You don’t have to limit your CTA lines to one per email. If you are writing a monthly newsletter there can be a lot of new materials in the content like new blog posts, e-books, or social media accounts. You may use different CTA lines for each of the actions you want your subscribers to take, but spend extra effort to make your messages are clear and understandable. Put every CTA line in a different paragraph and make sure the email is formatted correctly.


Use Personalization


If personalization has become a recurring theme in our blog posts it is because personalization is such a powerful tool, especially for email campaigns. The easiest way to personalize your emails is to address your subscribers with their name, referring to their previous purchases or browsing history to recommend new products.

You can recommend a complementary product to a customer who has shopped from your brand before and urge them to visit that product’s page. Or similarly, you can ask them to rate their past purchases and experiences, and to leave a comment on your website.


Don’t Forget About the A/B Tests


The building blocks of the continuous development in digital marketing are A/B tests and they can help you to clearly see which tools you use are good for increasing engagement. With these tests, it is possible to measure the effects of even the smallest details on your emails. The placement of the CTA line, the way you address your subscribers in your emails, images and graphics are just some of them. Even the time and the day in the week the emails are sent can affect the subscriber engagement.

To see the difference, analyze the test results to make the necessary changes to your campaign strategies. Just never forget that A/B testing is not just a one-time action. Constantly testing should become a habit so that you can increase not just the customer engagement but your sales too.


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