What is E-Mail Marketing?

14/03/2022 | E-mail Marketing

Today, especially with the pandemic period that started with Covid, quarantine and curfews have forced us to do many important things in our lives online. So when did the e-marketing system come into our lives? If we need to mention some history of the e-mail, the first e-mail sent was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, the person who developed this infrastructure (e-mail) program, and through a system called ARPANET. It has been a very important part of our lives from that day on. 

Therefore, the e-marketing system, which was previously limited only to clothing, has become indispensable for ordering even our most basic needs. While everything is progressing in such a digital environment, brands have aimed to reach customers with various advertising e-mails through e-mails registered in the online marketing system to use this situation to their benefit and thus exceed their sales targets. Therefore, with the e-mail marketing system, brands aim to influence their target audience online. 

When using an e-mail marketing system, you aim to influence customers only through their e-mail addresses. So if you want to develop a sales strategy, you need to set your audience. For this, you need to calculate the opening rates of the e-mails sent. So you can easily develop a sales strategy. It is important to keep the cost low when developing a sales strategy.


How Does E-Mail Marketing work?


The e-mail marketing method is actually a next-generation marketing method in which e-mail is used as a direct marketing tool to deliver marketing messages to a specific audience. In the e-marketing system, the aim is to influence them in terms of product sales by sending e-mails that address customers or subscribers correctly and to aim to increase the product sales rate with this method. 


Why is E-Mail Marketing Important?


Today, the rate of checking people’s e-mails is approximately 91%. Therefore, the visibility of advertising or news sent to a controlled environment so often is not to be underestimated. This is an important incentive for the sales market. If it is necessary to explain with an example, thanks to the e-mails determined according to the interests of the individuals, for example, the person can be informed of the fee campaign of an English course in which he or she expects the wage reduction he has been looking for for a long time. 


What Are The Advantages Of E-Mail?


Since it is known that the daily e-mail check rate of the consumer is at least 91%, this rate is not to be underestimated. According to the research carried out, the order value made as a result of e-mail marketing triples the order rate made from social media. If we take into account the cost situation of the audience reached through influencers on social media, the e-mail marketing system is very advantageous. To mention a few advantages ;

  • Cost; In e-mail marketing, it is possible to say that the cost is close to zero because customers’ contact addresses are located in companies.
  • Inexpensive effect; The sales volume is increased with the e-mails sent in accordance with the specified analysis status of the customer by keeping the cost close to zero.
  • Short transmission time; Because in e-mail marketing, it takes seconds to send related messages and instantly reaches people in the target audience. 
  • Ease of follow-up and analysis; Tools developed to do e-mail marketing have made it easier to address people by name when marketing e-mail. Therefore, as a result of personalized data, personal analysis, and the products directed towards it become easier to understand. 
  • Targeting; One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce marketing, which is one of the most used marketing tools of e-commerce companies, is targeting. Since companies have customer data in their hands, they can analyze their customers who have previously shopped in a certain category and carry out e-mail marketing activities aimed at increasing their sales. 
  • Personalization; The analysis of the products preferred by the individuals can be easily determined according to the tendency to click on the e-mail.


What Are The Disadvantages Of E-Mail?


As with any marketing model, there may be various disadvantages in the e-mail marketing model. Although most companies market e-mail from their own database or authorized data, some companies can e-mail data without permission. This situation also constitutes an unlawful violation of the law on the protection of personal data. This behavior is also referred to as spam as an internet language expression. Spam is a devaluing of the brand. Penalties for spam e-mails are fixed by law. 

  • Data; Although most companies that promote products and campaigns through e-mail marketing say that they access customer data through their own companies, it is known that many companies market e-mail through data they find or buy from different places.
  • Spam; One of the biggest drawbacks of e-mail marketing is spam mail. In general, spam e-mails are faced by companies working on different data, and when an e-mail is sent as spam, it causes the e-mail marketing efforts to fail.
  • Determine strategy; One of the disadvantages faced by people who say how to do e-mail marketing is the marketing strategy. It is often difficult for companies to strategize when marketing e-mails, as it is not known which e-mail will fall into spam and when. 

For all these reasons we are talking about, the e-mail marketing method, which actually seems easy but has many algorithms in its infrastructure, is a job that should be carried out with great attention and care. If coordinated and addressed to the right target audiences, the market sales volume is increased in direct proportion by personalization in line with the data recorded over time. Therefore, the place and importance of the e-mail sales system in our lives are quite great. It is the only digital sales method with a maximum sales volume with a cost ratio of almost zero among commercial methods. This situation is especially important for the gains of traders who have just joined the trade and have a small market share.


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