Types of Emails You Can Use For Your Campaigns

24/11/2021 | E-mail Marketing

Email marketing has always been one of the strongest tools in the digital marketing arena and one of the advantages of it is the fact that being perfect for both large and small of medium-sized companies. Emails are the most stable and trustworthy solution for reaching out to your potential customers and audience. Email marketing cannot guarantee success on its own despite all of its beneficial features. For desired results, you must decide on your strategy based on your insights and increase the diversity among your emails. There are different types of emails you can send to reach out to your customers and members. You must send the right type at the right time. You can also segment your members and send different segments different emails. The types of emails you should send can depend on the size of your company, the industry you are in, and your brand identity. In this article, we analyzed what types of emails are great for every kind and size of companies, and explained how to create and use them. Read our guide below.

Acquisition Emails

To convince the members who have already registered but still haven’t purchased from you, you should send acquisition emails. These types of emails are supposed to be convincing and strong, the preparation requires utmost care. To acquire new customers you may offer promotional codes or sales, tell them about your product in great detail and create campaigns tailored for your members’ needs. Even the acquisition mails are divided among themselves. If you want to do justice to these emails use the customer journey maps you have created and convince your members by going step by step. You can read our E-posta Kampanyalarınız İçin İzlemeniz Gereken Adımlar guide if you want for some help. Acquisition emails are a great way for increasing your conversion rates quickly.


Newsletters are ideal types of emails for small or medium-sized companies to convert their audiences into purchasing customers. These emails are sent periodically and the content varies depending on the brand identity and the industry. People usually enjoy witnessing small companies grow and feel a certain kind of loyalty to them. Tell them about your process, the features of your products or services to make them feel like they are a part of it. You must be sure that your newsletter emails are offering content that is interesting enough or you are facing the risk of losing the members you have. That’s why you should create content that is interesting, fun or informative, and enriched with images and visuals. You should also make sure there are enough waiting periods between them so as not to bore your members.

Retention Emails

Bunun için ürün ya da hizmetinizi zaten satın almış müşterilerinizden feedback isteyen e-postalar gönderebilir, sepette ürün bırakmış üyelerinize hatırlatıcı e-postalarla ulaşabilirsiniz. Bu e-postalar sayesinde hatalarınızı ve eksiklerinizi görerek gerekli düzenlemeleri yapabilir, müşterilerinizin ihtiyaç ve isteklerini anlayabilirsiniz. Ayrıca hedef kitleniz zaten markanız ve ürününüzle ilgili olduğu için dönüşüm oranlarınız çok daha yüksek olacaktır. As a new, small or medium-sized company you will find it is much cheaper and easier to retent the members and customers you already have rather than gaining new ones. To do that, you can send emails to the members who have already purchased from you, or have added products to their baskets and abandoned them.

Benefits of Using Email Templates


Promotions and Campaigns

Promotion and sale emails are the most known and widely used among the types of email in marketing. These emails will let you share the sales with your members or you can ignite excitement and curiosity weeks before the campaigns. You also can always segment your members and offer the sales and promotions only to a group of people. It is advised that you don’t send too many promotion emails. If you keep on sending different sales campaigns every week your members will find it hard to believe. Keep a healthy amount of time between them and send these emails with exciting texts to get successful results.

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