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Increase your income with e-mail campaigns with the budget-friendly euromsg express!

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Lowest Cost and Most Effective Digital Marketing Channel

With euromsg express, designed for low-cost and high-return e-mail campaigns; you can announce your products, services, information and campaigns easily, quickly and most effectively. Considering the cost per each e-mail you send, a high productivity with very low fees can be achieved with euromsg express. With euromsg express allowing you to easily reach your target audience, you can deliver your services and campaigns to your recipients with eye-catching designs and add value to your business with remarkable campaigns. In this way, you can increase brand awareness and multiply your sales and profitability.
Businesses that prefer the e-mail marketing platform euromsg express can view the number of people the e-mail campaigns are sent to, the number of the e-mails sent, the open and click rates of their e-mails, and their spam scores, making campaign optimizations in line with this measurement at the same time.
By using ready-made templates and drag-and-drop template wizard offered to its users by euromsg express; you can easily design fabulous e-mail campaigns without any assistance and save time. Also, before sending out the campaigns, you can make test submissions, manage your lists, preview and create mobile-compatible, efficient campaigns.
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E-mail Marketing With Statistics

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How about growing your small or medium-sized business together with euromsg express which is being created with our 20 years of vast experience in e-mail marketing? With euromsg express, which can easily be used in a self-service way, not only you can provide low cost and high efficiency but also can deliver campaigns, notifications, product promotions and announcements to your target audience in an impressive way. euromsg express is always there for you to create successful campaigns with remarkable designs and to send mass e-mails within 12 minutes without wasting time on the commitment and contract processes.

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