The first priority of e-commerce sites to achieve targeted sales has mostly been to increase site traffic. Efforts to increase the sales chart by attracting more visitors to their site and increasing the rate of potential customers are still continuing. However, this effort can also fail. Although the traffic of the site increases, the desired conversion rate unfortunately remains at a lower level. So how to increase this conversion rate?


What is Conversion Rate?


Conversion rate is a ratio that shows the people who reach your website and how many of these people shop or subscribe to your website. It expresses as a percentage how many of the people who visit your website achieve what you want. For example, if we consider the number of people visiting your website as 100 and the number of people making the purchase as 1, the conversion rate is 1%.

The transformation we are talking about here is decided by the website owner. Activities such as subscribing, filling out forms or clicking links can be determined, such as the purchase rate we’re focusing on. The conversion rate is calculated on these items.


How to Increase This Rate?


Of course, first of all, the products you offer for sale must be of high quality and reliable. In order to attract the attention of your potential customers, it is very important that your products are attractive, affordable and reliable. In addition, customers want to have every information about the product. If there is even one question mark in their mind, they stop buying that product. Therefore, you should share detailed information about your product.

If you have completed the products, you should deal with the technical work on your site and any problems that may occur. Your priority should be the speed of your site. While your visitor is waiting for the page to open, he is on his way to giving up. Your site needs to be opened quickly before you give it time. If we have completed the beginning, it is necessary to finish the end well. We know many customers who give up on the checkout part. At this stage, you should design the payment system easily and without errors.

Another important point is mobile compatibility. Today, as the use of phones and tablets increases, shopping begins to be made from these devices. For this reason, visitors should have uninterrupted access to your site from mobile devices in order to avoid disruptions in your sales. When you log in to your site, you should be able to access every product easily, shop comfortably, and not have any difficulties in purchasing.

Our voice is to review these products so that you lose the visit and get converted.


Why is conversion rate important?


Conversion rates are the most important metric that measures the success of your website or app. Even if you are a blog website owner, you want your content to be read more and if you structure your conversions accordingly. Increasing your conversion rate means increasing your revenues. That’s why you should definitely optimize your conversions rates.


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