In broad terms, digital marketing promotes brands/products or services online using many ways of digital communication such as email, social media, text messages, etc. That’s why it is also known as ‘online marketing’ or ‘Internet marketing.’ In short, any way of advertising that is carried out in a digital environment can be considered as ‘digital marketing.’


Why Is Digital Marketing Important?


There has been an intense transition into the digital world in recent years, so many enterprises are being made online. As the entrepreneurs need to make themselves heard, digital marketing gets on the stage at that point. It provides the required traffic and engagement to the businesses, either small or big, utilizing any tool that can be used online. Besides, it helps them to be known globally. 

For example, many cosmetic or textile brands collaborate with influencers on social media to obtain a high profile and a high sales volume. By doing that, they reach thousands of people all around the world. This is also connected with trust. Many followers of those influencers trust them, so when they recommend a product or service, their followers feel the urge to try it because of that trust. Each trial means one sale, and if it is liked, it brings a high sales volume. In the end, the brand grows more and more.

One of the other reasons for the importance of digital marketing is that it is more economical than traditional marketing. Let’s take the small businesses into our hands; they may not have enough budget to advertise on a billboard to be recognized. However, there are a lot of free tools online from which they can benefit. It can be challenging for them to grow themselves, reaching only their local environment. Thanks to those tools, they get the chance of being known by a large mass.

One other reason is the environment. Marketing campaigns carried out digitally mean saving papers and indirectly saving trees. If more businesses conduct their campaigns in the digital environment, there will be less necessity for brochures and posters. To sum up, digital marketing can be considered the most environmental-friendly way of advertising. 

Of course, there are many other aspects that reflect its importance, and we can see them through some examples. 


What Are Digital Marketing Examples?


In recent years, the popularity of digital marketing has taken its source from its broadness. It offers you many ways of advertisement. Here are some examples;

  • Blog Posts: Blog posts are among the oldest digital marketing examples, but they are still up to date since they provide relevant and helpful content. 
  • Videos: Thanks to many websites and apps used to publish videos, this example is one of the most effective ways of digital marketing. Videos can be educational, impellent, or amusing. For example, a person who does not know how to do something can learn by watching a video and then applying it. This example also applies to courses on many topics, such as learning a language or an application. Besides, there may be videos that include embedded marketing, i.e., product placement. 
  • Optimizing Website Titles: This is an effective way to get the required traffic and engagement. Let’s say you are writing an article on digital marketing; if you optimize your title by choosing the right and the most relevant words, your chance to get seen increases. 

Each example is connected to various types of digital marketing. 


What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing?


As it is a huge environment, it offers several ways to conduct a digital marketing campaign.

  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization): People strive to learn, and each piece of knowledge requires research. SEO helps websites to take place on the top as a search result. For this, websites run against one another by creating SEO-friendly content.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): It is also known as ‘Paid Advertisement’ and ‘Promoted Search Result.’ The website that uses this option is placed on the top in search results, but each click requires a payment to the used tool from the advertiser. 
  • Social Media Marketing: This option refers to all advertisements using social media channels. Advertising through Instagram Stories or Feed can be considered an example of this type of digital marketing.
  • Content Marketing: Blog posts and videos are an example of this type. It aims more for gaining value through information or other aspects for brand awareness than just showing themselves and making a sale. 
  • Affiliate Marketing: Brands find affiliates to advertise their products, and affiliates earn a commission through each sale of that product they advertise. Collaboration with influencers or famous people is an example of that. 

Although there are many other types of digital marketing, these can be seen as the most common ways. 


What Is The Role Of Digital Marketing?


After all these definitions, explanations, and examples, identifying the role of digital marketing is a must. Digital marketing plays the starring role as the world is digitalized day by day, replacing traditional marketing. It shares this role with the businesses by taking them along. 

Thanks to digital marketing, brands get the opportunity to introduce and promote themselves globally. As they reach more consumers, the volume of traffic, engagement, and sales increase significantly. Online shopping has become more popular due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and digital marketing is dining out on it. 

Last but not the least, before digital marketing, small businesses could find it impossible to compete with big companies for several reasons like limited budget or small environment. However, digital marketing offers the opportunity to grow not only for big companies but also for small businesses by providing a high profile to them in spite of their limited budget.

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