Content marketing, whose place in our lives is increasing, has a direct or indirect connection with many fields, especially digital marketing. Especially content marketing, which has a direct connection with SEO, is very valuable in terms of interacting with the target audience of our website and keeping the brand up to date. In addition to keeping the brand up to date, it is necessary to develop a strategy for content marketing in many aspects. We can summarize the contributions of content marketing as follows.


  • To ensure that the potential and target audience and the brand meet and gain the status of a loyal user.
  • To gain sectoral dynamism.
  • To keep the brand up to date.
  • To create brand prestige and awareness.
  • To create the brand’s story and loyalty.
  • Contributing to conversion rates within the scope of lead.


Content marketing, which has many contributions, enables us to reach the target audience with the right strategy in keyword analysis. It aims to reach the target audience by keeping this work in the foreground, especially businesses. You can access our comprehensive content explaining why businesses need a content marketing strategy here.


What is the keyword? How to find keywords?


The keyword is the name given to one or more words that can express the subject of the text most clearly. For a better understanding of its importance, we can say that it is the focus or heart of your text.

Internet users perform their searches using a few of the most well-known words (Keywords) to reach the content related to the subject they are looking for in search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Yahoo. For users who are interested in our content among these users to reach our website, we need to include the words these users use in searches in our content.

Like that, it is possible to reach many people who search for our content on search engines.

 If we do not have an article or article title in mind and think that the website’s traffic is low, the keywords that will provide traffic are determined first. Then they are written.

In such a case, we note the words we think are used the most about the business that will cause traffic to the site. After checking which of the notes will generate the most site traffic. There are many programs available to detect this. Some of these are not free. Otherwise, some are free.

Since the most preferred search engine in the world is Google, search engine advertisers specialized in this medium are called Google Ads / AdWords Experts. Experts increase traffic by finding words.


Why are keywords important?


Written articles, articles, or advertisements can get you in the first place. If an SEO-based website appears on the first pages, it can be shown that a good SEO application has been made. In the research, most people have a very low rate of leaving the first page in Google or different search engine searches. That’s why the right use of SEO, that is, the use of keywords, is very important. because

Finding keywords is so important for an article to generate organic traffic. Organic traffic makes it easier for the site to appear on the first pages. Organic traffic is the name given to the traffic found by searching outside the link created by the site admin.

Using keywords, you can bring the website to the first pages, so you can earn more. It may be wrong to call keywords only a group of words that occur in a sentence. Keywords should also be used in short articles called Meta descriptions that explain what is in the search section of the pages. The keyword in the meta description expands your search volume. It includes question attachments from normal keywords or the way individuals search directly. Apart from this, there are keyword types such as a long tail.


How to do keyword analysis?


There are many paid and free analysis tools that you can use when doing keyword analysis. Using these tools, it is possible to get statistical reports of what kind of searches the users perform in the category or categories you want to target, the monthly volumes of the relevant searches, their competitive status, and the behavior of the users.

The first and most basic step of creating a healthy SEO strategy by performing keyword analysis is to examine the analysis tools in the sector in detail and start working on the most suitable tool for you in line with your strategy and budget. You can use Google keyword planner, one of the tools you can use to do keyword research, at the Google Ads account level for free.

Google ADS, like other keyword analysis sites, your focus word is written first. There are different search volume words similar to the focus word. Many sites show you the recycling provider in months, days, or even hours. Here, you can increase both the traffic density of your keyword and the traffic density of your article with similar words. This way, you can appear on the first pages and provide more financial returns.


What are the advantages of accurate keyword analysis in digital marketing?


Provides exclusive uses for site owners who verify the keyword. Being organic is an advantage to the competition. It provides an organic catch on search engines with effective keywords.

The website takes a long time to come out in a short time from the first time. However, you will go through this section briefly with the right keyword.

You need to click to be sure of websites and advertisements. Your number of clicks provides revenue from brevity and the website.

The use of time by visitors on this site saves time for visitors. It further refines and improves ad accounts. It allows you to rank your product higher on online marketing platforms.



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