Email automation is one of the most effective methods that enable your brand to reach the right audience at the right time. There are many reasons to automate manual emails. It is possible to grow your business, promote your brand, improve your communication with customers and more with automatic emails. 

If you don’t know yet, without further ado, let’s take a look at the advantages together. Here are 8 reasons why you should use email automation.

It Is Automatic, Does Not Require Intervention 

Email automation automates the email-sending process; It greatly reduces your workload in the long run. Manual emails take a lot of your staff’s time. However, automated emails send your emails to your potential customers at the right time, according to your criteria. It does not require constant intervention. In addition to this, automated emails are opened twice as often as other types of marketing emails. But how could this happen?

Automated emails are triggered by consumer behaviour. Even if customers browse your website and leave without purchasing, you can increase their probability of purchasing with automatic mail. Even if they’re already browsing your website, it shows they’re interested in your brand. So if you set up your email program to stimulate customers and encourage them to buy, your emails are likely to get high open rates.

Scheduled Email Strategy 

Remember that without email automation your marketing team could miss out on great opportunities. Automating the process supports the planned and controlled progress of the process. Email automation uses pre-built rules to send custom email messages to customers based on specific actions they do or don’t do.

Considering that 65% of marketers benefit from email automation, companies need to turn to technology for a smooth workflow. To email all your customers quickly and efficiently, try sending automated emails to them. In this way, you can maximize the customer experience while progressing in a planned and uninterrupted manner.

More Personalization for Potential Customers 

Email automation offers more personalization to your potential customers. Everyone wants to feel important. If you want to make your customers feel special, email automation software comes to your aid. This software has personalized fields that are filled in automatically. It increases your chances of presenting relevant content to your customers. Considering that personalized emails provide 6 times higher revenue and transaction rates, there is no reason not to try email automation.

Reduce Costs 

Email automation also supports your company to reduce its costs. You should know that you don’t need a big sales team to communicate with your potential customers. You can reduce labour costs by automating repetitive tasks that would normally be done by employees. In this way, you can enable your employees to focus on more strategic tasks and minimize the need for additional staff wages.

Increasing Business Revenues 

Email automation improves conversions while reaching your potential customers. Increasing both your existing and potential customers have a huge impact on your overall revenue figures. Thanks to automatic emails, you deliver the right messages to your customers at the right time. You will also progress in audience segmentation without making any mistakes. All of these contribute to your company making profits.

Increasing Brand Awareness 

Email automation paves the way for emails to reach customers more regularly and consistently. Alongside the regular workflow, customers receive emails that match their interests. As a result, your products and services attract the attention of customers. Along with brand awareness, they may want to know more about your company. With the strengthening of your brand, it becomes easier for customers to find you. As brand awareness will increase customer loyalty, you may also see an increase in the likelihood of benefiting from your products and services.

Detailed Reporting 

Email automation software gives you the necessary information about your campaign and strategy thanks to its reporting functions. It gives you an idea of what areas you need to improve or what changes you need to make. All these results help you reconsider and organize your marketing activities. As a result, you act with more concrete data.

It Reduces the Possibility of an Error

There is always a risk of making mistakes in manual work. You can keep up with technological developments to reduce the possibility of making mistakes. You can minimize seemingly insignificant errors such as typos, especially when preparing emails. These seemingly minor mistakes in email marketing can sometimes lead to huge losses. Email automation supports you to take steps to reduce human error; helps you experience more accurate and trouble-free processes.

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