How to Use Targeted Email Marketing?

3/08/2022 | E-mail Marketing

All customers have different shop behavior. So, if you choose to send an email that covers all of your services or goods to all of your customers, your message may be bounced. DMA (Data & Marketing Association) states that 38% of users unsubscribe from the newsletter due to getting irrelevant offers from brands. 


So to understand clearly today’s targeted email marketing, we’ll focus on using email segmentation strategies to help create targeted emails that encourage customers to take immediate action. 


Suppose you use targeted email marketing to impact sales directly. In that case, you must first segment your customers by average order value and then further segment them based on the factors described below. The reason behind it is email offers, whatever they are, must be within the average price range of your target customers to act quickly. 


What is targeted email marketing? 


We want to get the most out of our mailing lists and segmentation strategies by sending emails tailored to the purchasing needs of our target subscribers. These emails are intended to give subscribers a special feeling by providing value each time. Targeted email is the email that helps you achieve that. The ultimate goal of the email campaign is to encourage recipients to make a purchase ultimately. As mentioned earlier, the plan may be to create a workflow that includes a drop sequence that directs prospects to conversions over time. It may also be best to be clear about the points and take advantage of potential sales opportunities as soon as possible. 


In other words, you need to know: 


  • Who exactly are you targeting? 
  • When is the best time to target them? 
  • What you can offer them if you contact 


Targeted email marketing campaigns use this information to send the correct email to the right person at the right time to drive conversions.


Why is targeted email marketing important? 


To offer targeted offers to different customers, you need to learn as much as you can about them from the beginning. By providing surveys and other such surveys while new customers are onboarding, you can deploy them to a specific value-based audience segment almost instantly. According to HubSpot, subscriber segmentation is the most efficient email marketing campaign strategy. Segmentation is so essential, whether you’re marketing to consumers or businesses.


The following are the top five ways to segment your list: 


1. Geographic email segmentation: 

Geographic email segmentation is the most obvious way to segment emails. Consider the following scenario: your company is hosting a special event. You send content to an extensive email list that includes local and distant contacts. So you can have something local after all. 

2. Email segmentation for B2B and specialization

 You collaborate with other businesses. You could sell or provide services to other companies. You wouldn’t send the same email to a vendor contact as a sales manager, marketing specialist, or administrative assistant because of the different people you work with. They each require their communication. 

3. Content-specific email segmentation

 This needs to rely on the data collected for a particular contact. Which page of your website did they visit? What did you download from there? What tools did they use? Did you buy anything? 

4. Behavioral Email Segmentation

This goes into a deeper layer of email marketing segmentation. How long do customers stay on the page? How many pages do they see on average visits? Do they visit and buy immediately, like impulsive shoppers? Or do you pop in several times weekly to load the same item into your online shopping cart and cancel like a nervous shopper? 

So basically, a targeted email is a message that is tailored to a specific segment of your mailing list. These emails are highly personalized; they deliver relevant offers that add value to subscribers. 


Do targeted email campaigns work? 


If you manage your campaign well and take into account the information described, of course, targeted email campaigns will work! 

Your goal is to provide your audience with high value at a surprisingly affordable price. This way, you increase your chances of selling because your offer is too good to be overlooked. 

If you look carefully at the factors that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, the price of a product, service or offer has always been a significant concern. Therefore, when developing a segmentation strategy for a targeted marketing campaign that boosts sales, you should always consider your AOV and other metrics related to your spending habits before further segmenting your customers. 


Benefits of targeted email marketing 

Regardless of the industry, you belong to or the type of email you send, you can use targeted email to get more out of your email marketing efforts. 

This is based on the logic that the email in question covers all emails’ five key components and results. These are: 


  1. Relevance: When sending targeted emails, send only emails that resonate with a particular segment. Subscriber segments receive less content that is irrelevant to them, reducing unsubscribe rates. Your subscribers will remember you as a brand made for them and will come back to you for more information and products. 
  2. Response: If the email image, copy, style, send time, etc., are targeted to a particular audience, they are more likely to reference it and respond with the specified action. 
  3. Relationships: Targeted email helps you build relationships with your audience. If your viewers like your message, take action and look forward to your email, you’re likely to tell your friends that you’re doing something. Become someone they trust and have a bond with. 
  4. Revenue: One of the big mistakes marketers make is talking to the wrong people about the right topic. However, you can use targeted email to narrow your subscriber base and adjust your messages accordingly. This will allow them to read, take action, trust, and buy from you. 
  5. Customer Retention: Past customers are also a segment and probably know a lot about you. 


Therefore, if the message to them is directed to new offers, customer-only, etc., they are more likely to come back and buy again. Here’s how targeted email marketing can help you build customer loyalty. 

Not all targeted emails you send are intended for sale, but you need to be as effective as possible. 

That’s why using audience segmentation to create targeted email is vital to increasing e-commerce sales through email. The more specific the segment (persona, action, or both), the easier it is to provide the right conversion offer to the right person at the right time.




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