6 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing CTRs

3/08/2022 | E-mail Marketing

Achieving the desired results in sending bulk mail is a time-consuming process. Each of the issues, such as how you designed your email, which email marketing company you sent to, and whether your shipments reached the address you mailed to, are points that should be discussed separately. 

Let’s these can be mentioned by dividing them into two periods before and after sending an email. say you did all of this correctly. If you think “everything is complete,” you are mistaken. This is where the second part of the job will come into play. Here, the second part of the job, the reporting and analysis that will be done after the bulk mail is sent comes into play.


What is the email click through rate?


Email marketing is the fastest-selling marketing method, but only if used correctly. You can leave an advertisement for your new product on the mobile phone of thousands of potential customers with a button that you press from your seat, but thousands of people can cut off contact with you at the same time. In today’s technology, everything is now traceable, so when you send bulk mail, you can measure what kind of reactions your customers show to them. Who clicked, who opened it, or who is bored and doesn’t want to receive mail from you anymore? This is necessary to create your mail marketing status and ensure your accessibility.

Click Through Rate (CTR) shows who clicked on the email you sent and clicked on any point of your email and redirected to your website. You can determine that a product or service has attracted the user’s attention in your e-newsletter and that they wants to receive more information.


What is the average click through rate? 


A knowledgeable email marketer should consider several related concepts and statistics when designing an email marketing campaign. One of them, of course, is the average email opening rate.

In today’s digital environment, about 200 million emails are sent daily as part of various email marketing campaigns, and only 20% of them are opened. Therefore, it is advantageous to know how email opening rates can be increased and how you can use average email opening rate measurements well.


How do I increase email click-through rates?


One of the most critical metrics in email sending is the CTR. By following this rate, you can measure the performance of the referrals you make from the content you share with your audience. Users need to click on links, especially in achieving campaign goals, because a user who cannot reach your campaign page will not be able to take the action you want. The higher the click-through rate, the higher the chance of your campaign to increase success. For this reason, you must make the necessary referrals by placing buttons and text links in your emails. 


6 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing CTRs  


  •  Subject Line

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the subject line is the most important place in an email to attract the user’s attention. We recommend meaningful and short sentences in the subject line, stating that it would be reasonable not to exceed 65 characters. It is one of the topics we would recommend, as the use of emojis has a positive effect on open email rates. “Shock, Click here! Just” etc. It is essential to avoid words that will create the impression of spam. Again, you should avoid using many exclamation points in the title, choosing the red color or all capital letters. A title unrelated to your content will create a severe dislike of your users and even lead to membership abandonment. The first step to click-through success is opening your email, where the subject line plays the leading role.


  • Segmentation

Nowadays, users do not want to waste their time on content they are not interested in or do not expect to receive. It is possible with segmentation to send messages about the fields they are interested in. In this case, segmentation can be summarized as dividing the members into groups with different breakdowns from the gender of the member to the team they is a fan of, from the number of posts they has read in the last three months to their monthly expenditure. Protecting your member’s purpose or area of ​​interest on the first day they signed up for your email list, including them in a segment, will contribute positively to your CTRs and reading rates.


  •  Layout and  Design

The content of your emails is one factor that directly affects the click-through rate. You can increase the click-through rate with campaigns and information that may interest your members. By paying attention to the text-visual balance, you can try to increase the click-through rates with exciting designs. In your content, you should share sales or marketing content and information that will be useful to users. In this way, you can strengthen your authority in your field of activity and increase the percentage of follow-up. Emails with only sales and marketing content will likely bore your users. Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality of your emails visually and in terms of content.


  • CTA (Call to Action)

A call to action is a button or link in an ad that tells your audience what to do when they reach your landing page. It is often called “buy now! ” It includes words such as “learn more.” Writing a CTA is part art, part science, and a lot of trial and error. It’s hard to know exactly which words will motivate your audience to take action, but some words are more likely to encourage you than others. It is advantageous to understand the psychology behind certain words. It’s even better to know the language of your target audience. Keeping track of all industry-specific phrases will also help you understand which messages potential customers are responding to best.


  •  UX 

User experience encompasses the entire interaction of users in a design from A to Z. It is about all the user’s good, bad, or exciting experiences during the interaction process. UX, which has a broad scope, can be shaped by the data it receives from some tests regarding users. It constructs user interaction with the issues of where, when, and how the details to be included in the design will take place. 


  • Testing 

With email marketing A/B tests, you can improve your metrics, increase conversions, get to know your target audience, and learn what drives sales. In your email marketing tool, simply set up two duplicate emails except for one variant, such as a different subject line. Then you can send two emails to some subscribers to see which email is more effective. Half of your test group gets Email A, and the other half gets Email B. The metric you’re trying to measure the winner determines. For example, if you want to know which version attracts more people to open your emails, you can use open rate as your success metric.



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