6 Tips to Consider in Email Designs

3/03/2021 | E-mail Marketing

With the influence of the digital age, thousands of images and content are presented to customers every day. In a period when the contents are consumed so quickly, it is very important for brands to have an impressive visual harmony in every field. The situation is not so different with e-mail marketing, a channel still preferred the most when communicating with customers. When it comes to e-mail marketing; it is very important that the graphics, buttons, colors and content sections are clearly defined so that your e-mail campaigns can make a difference and attract the attention of your current and prospective customers. We have compiled tips on one of the most important steps in creating a successful e-mail campaign: How to make your e-mail design eye-catching. Let’s examine together.

Never Skip Image Optimization

Including images that are compatible with the message and sub-text you want to convey in e-mails will attract more attention of your recipients and increase your return rates. According to the latest researches, businesses from many sectors can greatly increase campaign efficiency by using the right images in their campaigns. Considering the increase in purchase rate of the customers who see the images of the products in the emails which are sent by the brands in the retail, food and clothing sectors, it is proven necessary to pay extra attention to the use of correct images.

However, in order to prevent your e-mails to be considered as spam and to divert the attention of the recipient to your campaign in a short time, it is very important to set the correct balance between images and texts in your e-mails. Also, keep in mind the possibility that your recipients might view your e-mails by disabling images. For this reason, make sure that you give the message you want to convey in the sub-text.

Don’t Forget Alignment for a Harmonious E-mail Design

The harmonious and attentive appearance of your e-mails is one of the important clues that gives your recipients the impression that you are a prestigious brand. Also, an aligned email allows you to accurately convey your message, making it easier for your target audience to read your campaign. That is why every detail from images to texts, from buttons to links should always be designed in a specific alignment. To create an e-mail campaign with a harmonious look and ensure the most natural reading condition, pay attention to making a left-aligned design rather than a center or right alignment.

Achieve Color Harmony in Your E-mails

Colors that have quite a lot influence on human psychology are one of the most important factors that will ensure success in your e-mail campaigns. You can arouse the emotions of your target audience and increase their interest in your campaigns by choosing colors that are compatible with your brand’s character and suitable for the message you want to convey. For example, the color green stimulates a sense of trust and warmth, while white represents simplicity, clarity, and composure. While the red color has an energizing effect, the purple color makes your brand look more noble.

When making your color choices, you should be careful to use the correct contrast and not to make the background color of your campaign disappear. Also, you need to consider the possibility that there may be people with color blindness in your target audience, it is better to choose your colors in a way that everyone can see them.

Choose the Font Correctly

In order to increase brand awareness and create a safe brand perception, it is very important to create specific metrics that you always prefer to use. Always use a special font for your e-mails that your brand will consistently prefer. In this way, you will make it easier for your recipient to recognize your brand.
Also, make sure that the font you choose is compatible with all devices and platforms such as Gmail and Outlook. You wouldn’t want your recipients not to be able to read your messages, would you? In order to increase the readability of your e-mails, you can choose safe fonts and thus, make your campaigns successful.

Make Sure Row Spacing and Gaps are Well-Adjusted

To ensure that your recipients can easily read the text and view the image, it is necessary to use the correct row spacing and height. E-mails created with overlapping and complex looking texts, without spaces, reduce the likelihood of recipients reading your campaigns. To increase readability, make sure to create e-mails with correct row spacing and gaps that enable your target audience to quickly scan.

Include White Space in Your E-mails

To transmit your message in the most clear and accurate way with high readability rates, it is very important to include white space in your e-mails. To provide an easy reading and comprehension experience to your target audience; make sure you use white space in the left and right margins and between the paragraphs.

In addition, designs that use rich background colors can appear cheap and simple, which can damage your brand’s perception of “quality”. By including white space, you can create the impression of a quality brand in your recipients as well as providing an easy reading experience.

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