Most Common Newsletter Mistakes

29/12/2021 | E-mail Marketing

Newsletters were once seen as old-fashioned and redundant but for the last couple of years, they have been hotter than ever and used as one of the most effective tools of digital marketing. Customers nowadays like to know about the brands’ inner worlds, to witness the process of design and production. That’s why periodically sent newsletters are great for building stronger relationships with your customers and for creating brand loyalty. As the competition between the brands grows tighter every day, customers feel like they should want to invest not just their money but emotion too. In accordance with that, newsletters telling about the brands’ ethical values and visions yield successful results.

There are certain points to take extra care of while writing a newsletter. The tone of the text, the length of it, and the content will differ depending on your brand identity, your audience, and your campaign strategy. But there are mistakes we frequently see even in established brands’ newsletters. This article is going to point out the most frequent ones, and we are going to give some tips on how to prevent them.


Refrain From Using A Bland Tone

You should always strive to keep a simple and frivolous tone but that doesn’t mean it has to be simple. A bland tone makes your content forgettable. Try to adopt a strong and colorful voice and use punchlines for an interesting and gripping newsletter. Of course, there will be times when you have to use a distant and a more serious tone depending on your brand identity and your audience but this definitely doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

To summarize, refrain from using short and robotic sentences, address your customers with an engaging and easy-to-understand tone. You will find the perfect tone for your brand after a few trials. 


Don’t Push For Making Sales

Even though newsletters are a tool for marketing they shouldn’t carry a marketing air. The purpose of a newsletter is to share your production and design process, the updates within your company, and to introduce your vision and mission to your customers. If you keep on bragging and try to push sales you will be trailing away from your aim and that will repel your customers.

Just make sure that you are using your marketing phrases in other emails from your campaigns and keeping your newsletters clean from all of these.


No Need For Bragging

Now, this mistake might seem a bit contradictory with itself. You know you have to talk about your brand in your newsletter, how is it possible to tone it down? The answer is making your customer the subject of your newsletter. Do you have a new update for your product? Talk about what kind of benefits it will provide to your customers. Instead of waxing lyrical about your unique designs and how greater you are than your competitors tell them what your customers will gain. Show them that whatever you do is for your customers. Adopting a more green and efficient production process? Don’t forget to mention that you are doing this for a better world and the next generations.


Benefits of Using Email Templates


Always Segment Your Subscribers

It’s not an easy job to write a newsletter, we know that. But you have to accept that if you prepare only one newsletter to send all of your subscribers you might not receive the desired results. Segmenting your subscribers and writing a different newsletter for each group will yield more successful results. 

For newly subscribed members, for example, it would be wise to send a newsletter that explains your brand’s identity. If you are working for a large company with a large number of subscribers to your mail list, segmenting always brings better results.


Don’t Forget Analyzing the Results

If you are not analyzing the results and the reports it means you are doing only half of the job. Even if the results are successful they should be analyzed thoroughly, compared to the older ones to spot your weak areas. These results and reports are going to be your guide while creating your next campaign.

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