How to Use Emojis in Email Marketing Effectively?

3/08/2022 | E-mail Marketing

Emojis are no longer just for fun. It also strengthens communication in the virtual environment and allows individuals or brands to express themselves better. You can often see emojis in email marketing lately. Including emojis is the easiest way to stand out from others in your inboxes. Completing the sentences is aimed to connect with the buyers in a friendly language. Using emoji in the subject lines draws attention and opens the message more. Emojis with higher response rates create engagement. If you are going to include emojis in email content, you should ensure they are appropriate for the message you are transferring.

You will positively affect buyers if you prefer emojis suitable for your brand. Our perspective will be shaped in a positive way when emojis that we use a lot in our daily life are included in the messages sent to us by brands. Brands reach their target audience directly by creating a friendly communication language with familiar emojis. Email marketing is the right method for some brands. Brands that want to be close to their buyers can choose emojis suitable for their messages. However, some brands should stay away from the use of emojis in email marketing. Some brand images are not suitable for emoji use.

Realizing the positive impact of emojis on consumers, companies are increasingly incorporating emojis into their marketing strategies. For example, in just one month, the number of emojis used by brands in marketing has approached one billion. From McDonald’s to Apple, 60% of 500 big brands use emojis on Twitter and 40% on Facebook.

Although email marketing is the most effective marketing method, it’s worth admitting that email is a bit boring. On top of that, their inboxes are also very crowded places, and they are just a huge pile of posts from a distance. Emojis are great tools to make this excellent marketing method more colorful and even more successful than already. Adding a single emoji to your email header will make you stand out in the inbox.


According to a study by Experian, 56% of marketers who tried using emoji in their email headers reported much higher open rates.


Can Emojis Be Used in Email Marketing?


Emojis have great functions in digital messaging. The use of emoji in email marketing allows you to briefly describe sentences without lengthening them. It is conveyed in more explicit terms that want to be explained. It plays a big role in establishing a more intimate relationship with your target audience. It helps to enrich communication by establishing an emotional bond between the recipients and the message. It would be right to get help from emojis so that what is meant to be explained in email marketing is more effective.

Advertising campaigns are important for brands to promote their products or services. Announcement of campaigns takes place thanks to email marketing. The most important thing you should pay attention to when communicating with your target audience is to send attention-grabbing and self-reading messages. Messages lost in the inbox cannot be successful. You can create a more friendly communication language by being noticed with emojis. It is possible with emojis to make emails, which are usually boring, more fun. Emojis can be defined as a structure that disrupts institutionalism for some people. However, it is necessary to keep up with the times. Emojis, which we frequently use in our daily correspondence language, help to communicate more effectively with the buyers rather than disrupting institutionalism.


Where are Emojis Used in Email Marketing?


You can use emojis in the subject line and content sections. According to studies, it has been proven that emojis increase the interaction rate. The message using emojis provides direct access to the target audience, creates an emotional bond, and strengthens brand loyalty. Messages are more readable if emojis are used in the subject line. It stands out from other messages in the inbox and is clicked more than its competitors. In the content, it is useful to act according to the buyers’ thoughts while including emojis. The use of emojis is not correct beyond the expectation of your target audience. If you use it in unnecessary places and excessively, you will have a negative effect on the buyers. You cannot achieve the positive result you want to achieve in email marketing. You can test on receivers to determine the correct method. According to the test results, you can reach your goals in email marketing by continuing to use which emojis are more effective. Using emoji in email marketing by brands makes the campaign announcement more effective. It is the right method to crown the information you want to convey to your buyers about the service or products with emojis. This will make your target audience perceive that it is valuable for the brand.


What are the Things to Consider When Using Emojis in Email Marketing?


The most important point to consider in email marketing is to choose emojis that are suitable for your subscribers. If your subscribers have problems detecting the message you want to transfer, this method will not work. Emojis that are highly relevant and used appropriately will make you successful in email marketing. When using emojis in the subject line, you should be careful not to use emojis instead of words. This application may reduce the effect of the message you want to give, causing it to lose meaning.


You must know your target audience well before deciding which emojis to use. The use of emojis in email marketing may not be correct for every brand. The law firm’s target audience may not find it appropriate to use emojis in messages. You can perform A/B tests if you wish. A/B tests are a way to measure recipients’ attitudes about your messages. It helps to measure positive or negative changes you make in your emails. It would be wrong to use irrelevant emojis from the message to make a difference. Such a mistake can refute the positive image of your brand by your target audience.



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