AI and Email Marketing

1/08/2023 | Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is critical for companies. Email sending with a global usage averages 347.3 billion per day in 2023. Additionally, 89% of marketers give priority to email to generate leads. As digital marketing strategies evolve, companies look for ways to deliver the best experience to their customers. Artificial intelligence, which will bring a new interpretation to the marketing world, facilitates companies in reaching their goals in email marketing.

AI is among the new strategies that today’s marketers are starting to use. Artificial intelligence, which is frequently used in almost every field recently, helps marketers to communicate with the right audience at the right time. You can stay one step ahead of your competitors in the business world by knowing how to use AI in your marketing strategy, which will support you to improve your email strategy.

What Is AI Email Marketing? 

Artificial intelligence is a system that can perform some tasks that require human intelligence. It can perform many tasks, from data analysis to recognizing images. Having entered the world of marketing, AI continues to be used by companies that want to accelerate their business today.

AI email marketing is one of the tools to help marketers create campaigns that fit their audience. AI will improve your email strategy; lighten your workload by automating repetitive tasks for you. With artificial intelligence technology, it is possible to increase essential interactions such as sending emails, opening and clicking rates.

Why Should You Use AI in Email Marketing? 

There are many reasons to use AI technology in email marketing. Without wasting time, let’s talk about the benefits of using AI for you right away.

You Can Increase Your Revenues and Reduce Your Costs: Artificial intelligence is a significant return on investment for many companies. With the use of AI, you can accurately set the frequency of sending emails and reduce the unsubscribe rate of your customers. In addition, thanks to the use of technology, it is possible to minimize advertising expenditures. All of this helps you save on costs.

You Can Save Time: AI helps you with many tasks such as designing campaigns and email marketing, drafting subject lines or personalizing emails. Instead of doing all this manually and wasting time, you can turn the time in your favour by automating it.

You can better understand your customer’s lifecycle: The customer’s lifecycle refers to the process that the customer goes through about your product and service, from awareness to purchasing. With AI, you can analyze customer data and create relevant segments for customers and organize campaigns that are right for them.

Improves email deliverability: An essential factor in email marketing is that your campaigns reach customers. In some cases, if your messages end up in the spam folder, it’s time to make a change. Some AI technologies detect words to be flagged by spam filters and offer suggestions for you.

How AI Is Used in Email Marketing? 

The field of use of AI technology, which will make marketers smile at the point of marketing, is quite wide. You can use AI, which will offer you various solutions, in the following subjects.

You Can Draft Subject Lines: The most significant components of emails are subject lines. Subject lines are the first thing subscribers see in incoming e-mails. Therefore, you should spend time on the subject lines as well as the content of your article. You can write e-mail subject lines with artificial intelligence. Therefore, you can create interesting subject lines.

You Can Personalize Emails: AI can personalize your email listing by displaying social network updates, company information, or job listings based on your potential customers’ email addresses. Email personalization helps you send relevant offers to your customers and turn them into loyal customers. According to statistics, personalized emails get 10% higher conversion rates. Therefore, it improves the open rates, click-through rates or response rates of your campaigns.

You Can Gain Necessary Information About Your Customers: AI can tell you about your customers a lot. It can monitor what they are doing; identify for you where they spend their time or what products they are most likely to buy. In this way, you can develop an effective sales funnel.

How Can AI Boost Email Marketing Campaigns? 

AI technology provides a better mailing experience as it allows you to customize content or send personalized messages. You can develop customer loyalty and trust. As a result, you can have higher conversion rates, in the long run, thanks to a good email experience.

You can fine-tune the most complex marketing campaigns by automating time-consuming processes. You can have valuable information about the behaviour of your customers. In light of information, you can increase the value of your campaign and brand by delivering the right messages to your customers at the right time.

How AI Is Revolutionizing Email Marketing

AI develops day by day and offers solutions that will reduce the workload of companies. It is expected to revolutionize the point of marketing in the future by offering you enhanced personalization. It can provide more scalability as well as make more accurate predictions. With advanced segmentation, you can segment your customers and provide better service. AI can also offer you the following benefits in the future.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Better targeting
  • Real-time insights
  • More effective testing

By choosing Euromsg Express, you can quickly prepare your campaigns at a low cost. You can provide your customers with an excellent experience and contribute to your brand awareness.

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