Thank You Emails: What Are They? And How Should They Be Used?

8/11/2022 | Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing

Thank-you notes used to be seen as an elegant jest adored by everyone before the world had a digital transformation. A thank-you note could be written for nearly anything: a lovely dinner invitation, a surprise gift, or a business transformation.

Luckily for those of us in the marketing field, this thoughtful gesture is not completely erased from our lives. In today’s world, all high-performing companies know well that a small token in the form of a thank-you email can increase customers’ brand loyalty considerably – and that’s why they take the time and care to create and send them.


While thank-you emails have a lot to offer to businesses, there are so many small details you need to be mindful about the process of sending them. It is not realistic, nor logical, to send thank-you emails for every single action of your customers or followers. In this blog post, we are going to examine the tricks and catches of them, the important points, and the types of thank-you emails.


Thank You Emails For Subscribing


Sending thank-you emails to people who have recently subscribed to your website or newsletter is a great way to show your appreciation for their time. In situations like this, there’s also a need for a confirmation email. To avoid sending two emails consecutively, you can instead combine the two of them in one and refrain from drowning your new subscribers in emails.

Keep your thank-you note in the preheader part of your email so that it is the first thing your subscribers too. In the text, shortly summarize how they can unsubscribe from your newsletter and what they should do in order to do that – this will collect bonus loyalty on your part!


Thank-You Emails For Purchases

There’s one main reason why your website exists, and that is to sell your products and/or services – that’s why a celebratory thank-you email is necessary when your customers make a purchase.

Like subscription emails, you can always combine confirmation emails with thank-you emails. Or you can create two different templates for each of them. This totally depends on the type of product or service you are selling. If you are selling a type of product that is bought regularly, like clothes or food, then it can be a bit bothersome if you send both confirmations and thank-you emails with every purchase. You can offer your gratitude to your customer in the confirmation email and also include information about their purchase in detail.

Among these information bits, we can include the products they bought, the size and color, shipping preferences, and payment information. In addition to these, it is always appreciated if you shortly summarize the process after their purchase. This can include procurement of the product, packaging, and shipping.


Thank You For Comments And Feedback

If you don’t want your business to become stagnant and your ambition is always to develop and grow continuously, then your most valuable beacon and advisor is customer feedback.

We would like to remind you that your customers have almost nothing to gain from leaving you comments, thoughts, and feedback. It would be a good practice to send kind thank-you emails to these people who take their time and effort to help your business grow.

Do not feel discouraged by negative feedback, and do not refrain from thanking your customers for them. On the contrary, you will find that your customers become more loyal to you if you thank them for their efforts with an apology for their inconvenience.


What Kind of Tone Should You Adopt?

Use your brand voice in your thank-you emails. Short sentences, a clear narrative, and a genuine tone will increase the click-and-read rate of your emails.

Too warm and intimate tone and extravagant thank you emails can cause a negative effect. Modern-day online customers are quite experienced when it comes to detecting fake sincerity, and being too sincere always carries the risk of being seen as frivolous.




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