Email Marketing Strategies for Black Friday

13/12/2022 | Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, E-mail Marketing

It is Black Friday that marks the beginning of the holiday madness. Despite that shopping frenzy, small businesses have an amazing opportunity to increase holiday sales. Compared to 2020, Black Friday spending in 2021 was up over 14 percent, hitting $886.7 billion!

Your Black Friday email campaign must be planned ahead of time, rather than waiting until the big day arrives, so you can take advantage of one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year.

Creating a unique offer for Black Friday can be done in your next email, and then making sure the best deals go to your best customers. Once your customers know to expect your email on Black Friday, you can send them a special email with a unique offer. You’ll learn how to do it with this blog post.

You can improve your Black Friday email campaign with our tips, templates, and real-life examples to make this your most successful campaign ever.


When is the best time to send Black Friday emails?


One week before Black Friday, start your Black Friday email campaign with a teaser email on Friday. The purpose of the teaser email is to provide customers with a taste of the surprise while building excitement. Also, customers expect you to send them an email from your business, so your second email will stand out in a crowded inbox.


Sending Black Friday emails at the right time


On Black Friday morning, sending your Black Friday offer is the best time to do so. As part of your Black Friday campaign, you are sending out a second email that contains the actual offer and a timeline of how long it will be valid.

In the afternoon, when shopping starts to slow down, email your customers a last-chance reminder about your Black Friday offer to give them time to take advantage before the offer expires.


1. Don’t forget to send emails before Black Friday


While it might be tempting to skip the pre-Black Friday email and the follow-up offer on the afternoon of Black Friday, it’s well worth the effort to send a series of emails rather than just one.

You can build excitement with your email subscribers by sending a pre-Black Friday email teasing your offer. As a result, they understand that they will receive your email on the day of Black Friday instead. Also, you’re setting them up to anticipate your email, which is vital since otherwise, you could easily get lost in the inbox when every company sends their Black Friday email on.


2. Don’t be afraid to surprise your customers


It can be effective to offer a standard discount, but it can be hard to stand out when all other companies are doing the same thing. Consider offering them something they wouldn’t expect, such as exclusivity, instead of discounting your products. Your customers who repeatedly support your business deserve a collection of special products reserved for them.


3. Make sure that the right people get the right deals


You should ensure that customers receive discounts if you offer them. Make sure your email list is segmented by customer group. Your most valuable customers can receive the VIP product collection, while newer customers can receive a simple 10% discount.

By segmenting your list, you also avoid sending too many emails, or the wrong ones. You shouldn’t send another sales reminder email at the end of the day if the email sent on Black Friday morning convinced a customer to buy. If you want to thank someone, offer an incentive for referring a friend, or send a special holiday piece, you should send a thank you email.



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