9 Tips to Create An Outstanding Email Campaign For Valentine’s Day

4/02/2022 | E-mail Marketing

Valentine’s Day is a rare opportunity for companies to let them reach their digital marketing KPIs. People tend to spend quite a bit of money for this day, which makes it perfect for launching campaigns to urge the customers to purchase and to increase sales. A well-created Valentine’s Day email campaign can be beneficial to nearly every industry, not just the retail industry. If you know your target audience well and manage your campaigns successfully your brand is bound to receive great results.

In addition to that, marketing campaigns for special days are also perfect for gaining new leads and introducing your brand to new potential customers. Why not use the power of email marketing on one of the most important days of digital marketing, Valentine’s Day? Here are some suggestions and tips to get your creative juices flowing and to inspire you for your email campaigns.


Launch Your Campaigns Early

Your potential customers probably already have been contemplating their Valentine’s Day purchases such as presents and vacations for a while now. Launch your campaigns early to have an effect on their decision process and to make your products or services more preferable. Choose the launch time carefully so that it can build up interest in your customers to plan and purchase.


Choose Creative Subject Titles

You wouldn’t want your customers to see your emails and delete them without reading, would you? Email subjects have such a big impact on whether your emails are read or leave unread. Personalized subject titles, enriched with emojis can capture the interest of your subscribers for Valentine’s Day.


Here are some examples;

  1. Up to 50% Sale on Valentine’s Day Gifts!
  2. There’s Still Time to Buy That Perfect Valentine’s Day Present!
  3. Make Her/Him Feel Special This Year!
  4. Sumptuous Gift Recommendations For Your Loved One!
  5. Good news for the last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers!
  6. Choose The Best Gift For Your Loved One


Create Promotional Messages Carefully

Email marketing is the best way to deliver your sales and promotional messages to urger your customers to shop, especially if you are in the retail industry. Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools for special days like Valentine’s Day and opting-in to use it will increase your sales.


Take Advantage of the Themes Specifically Designed for Valentine’s Day

Use Valentine’s Day themes in your campaign creating process. Images heavy with red and pink colors are immediately going to make people think about Valentine’s Day and will act as a reminder. In addition to that, try to use templates created especially for Valentine’s Day, it will make your campaigns even more effective. And don’t forget to stress about your content on the subject titles, make sure your subscribers can understand it is about Valentine’s Day.


Personalize Your Email Campaigns with Romantically Charged Content

Make use of romantic messages, GIFs, and funny videos while creating your email campaigns to capture your subscribers’ attention and ignite positive feelings about this day. These feelings can lead them to your page or your application.



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Offer Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions on Your Emails

Since gift buying can be such a long and difficult process you can offer gift guides and lists through your email campaigns. This will increase both your email open rate and your sales. The ideas you suggest would lead your subscribers to choose your brand for their gifts. Use a clear and dynamic title for your emails like “5 Amazing Gifts for Valentine’s Day” to make sure your subscribers open your email.


Support Your Email Campaigns with Social Media Posts

To gain new customers and leads with your campaigns make sure that you are using your social media accounts actively by using Valentine’s Day themes and updating regularly. Customers are going to be more inclined to shop from you if you update your home page too.


Increase Sales with Last-Minute Sales and Reminders

There is bound to be a large group of people who will leave Valentine’s Day shopping to the last minute. Use this to your advantage and offer last-minute sales and reminders with emails to urge them to purchase from you and increase your sales.


Don’t Forget About Single People

If you are afraid that your campaigns can be somewhat off-putting to single people try to mention love in all of its forms. It can be love for animals, nature, an occupation, or friends and family members. This will widen the circle of your potential customers and make your strategy more outstanding.


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