Why Are Your Members Leaving Your E-Mail List?

24/04/2023 | Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing

Email is the best way for a brand or business to communicate with its customers. It allows businesses to reach large audiences both cheaply and effectively. To briefly mention the reasons, emails marketing increases your customers’ trust in you. It supports your rise to leadership among competing companies. Email strategy increases the return on investment and, most importantly, your brand’s reputation. 

Email is one of the most popular marketing methods in recent times. Emails from well-known brands attract the attention of customers and this offers many advantages for brands. However, if you don’t spend the time and effort to grow your email contact list and increase customer loyalty, your contacts may leave your email list. 

So, what are the reasons why your customers may unsubscribe from your email list? Here are some reasons why your customers hit the unsubscribe button…


You Are Sending Too Many Email

Marketing your products, services and campaigns with email is one of the fastest and most flexible ways to reach and retain customers. It helps you create personalized messages and strengthens your relationships with your customers. However, overusing email marketing can also lead to negative feedback. 

For today’s busy people, it’s essential to make good use of time. Therefore, receiving and reading too many emails in their limited time can turn into a laborious task for them. Keeping them informed by email means that their inboxes will be filled with unread messages. Therefore, your customers may unsubscribe. You should try to send as few emails as possible. 

Of course, you should not ignore your customers’ expectations. While it’s hard to please everyone, you can set up hypotheses, create list segments and focus on the frequency of your emails. This way, you can find the number of emails to send to your target audience. You can also take research into account when creating your strategies. A 2015 survey found that 88% of people like to receive promotional emails at least once a month. In addition, just over 60% said they like to receive promotional emails at least weekly.


Your Emails Are Not Personalized

Personalizing emails help you increase your brand awareness, convert potential consumers into customers and keep your existing customers loyal to you. In addition, your emails will increase open rates, click-through rates and response rates. All these emphasize the importance of email marketing. Studies have shown that customers who receive marketing emails have 68% higher purchase rates than customers who do not receive emails, even if they never interact with the emails. 

Email marketing benefits companies in every way. Personalizing emails for your brand’s reputation and awareness increase feedback from your customers. A study has shown that you can get 10% higher conversion rates from personalized emails. Therefore, the key to keeping your customers on your email list is to personalize your messages. To explain a bit more, with personalized emails, you provide your customers with the right content when they need it. This prevents you from sending them constant and uninteresting emails and increases the likelihood that your customers will respond to your messages. Research also shows that 62% of consumers like to respond to personalized messages from brands.


Your Content Is So Boring

While email is essential for brands, you can use it as the most effective marketing tool with the right messaging content. The subject line and content should be carefully crafted to grab customers’ attention immediately. If you try to reach customers with the same content repeatedly or send them emails that don’t interest them, the result can be disappointing. Your customers may not read your emails and may unsubscribe from your mailing list. 

If you have ever been on an email list and been bombarded with emails, you will understand what we mean. Especially if the content is irrelevant and impersonal, you will lose customers. So you need to give people the content they want to receive. As a bonus, you can grab your customers’ attention more quickly by creating short and engaging subject lines. Combine this with entertaining content for them, and you can do your brand a big favour. This way, you can encourage your customers to learn more.


Your Emails Are Not Mobile Friendly


Making your emails mobile-friendly is another essential thing to consider. If you want to increase the likelihood of your audience opening your messages, you need to make sure they look good on mobile devices. Mobile devices are where people spend most of their time these days, and they can deliver your messages in the right way. It is said that around 80% of people will delete an email that is not well-optimized for mobile devices. In addition, more than 61.9% of emails are opened by subscribers on mobile devices. Considering all these statistics, it is significant to use mobile-friendly email and improve your emails strategy.

 You can choose the Related Digital platform for personalized customer experiences. You can create an effective email marketing strategy and deliver attention-grabbing messages to your customers according to their needs. 


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