The Place of Transactional Emails in Our Lives

3/08/2022 | E-mail Marketing

Technology is an invention that has suddenly infiltrated our lives and improves itself almost every day, even if we fail to reach it. This reflects our adherence to our standards, stamina, and many other purposes. Some may consume our lives to turn people into dreams, to whom I can add beauties close to our lives. Considering that, plan to be bought by people. On the other hand, their returns to our earnings are also very high. Technology that will meet us with an opportunity to live from the health field to the food sector. It made our job easier for all of us. It’s part of our life, with many things we don’t believe are impossible. One of the usage areas of technology is e-mails. So how did these e-mails come into our lives all of a sudden? Or What kind of content do they offer us? Let’s talk about our lives by adding subheadings instead of e-mails.


What Does Transactional Email Mean?


Humans are forgetful creatures. They may forget the location of a store they loves shopping, the name of the restaurant they likes very much, or the place of the business he always visits. The operators always want to remind themselves to the customers. Such as informing about discounts, innovations, or updates. Of course, there are many ways to do this. For example, it is also an option to hang on posters and notice boards. But this is where the benefits of technology come into play. It is now straightforward for us to reach everyone and everything we want to go with the speed of light. It is possible to notify customers of the latest status updates with an SMS. However, in today’s technology, e-mails that we know as transactional e-mails rather than SMS messages have started to be used more frequently.


Moreover, these emails are widely used not only by business owners but also by many websites. Even the “Welcome” message you receive when you become a site member can be an example of a transactional e-mail. The primary purpose of sending these messages to us is to facilitate the services. For example, forgetting a product you liked from shopping sites and added to the cart and receiving a reminder message via a transactional e-mail. Or take a social media account where you forgot your password. Unfortunately, I encounter it often. SMS verification and e-mail options are available, but sometimes you do not receive an SMS on your phone, and we prefer transactional e-mail as an additional option. We can say that these e-mails are a very successful method that is created to make our lives easier and to provide better service to us.


What is the Difference Between Transactional E-Mail and Bulk E-Mail?


More than 20 e-mails can be sent daily to our active e-mail accounts. If it is not interesting, the title of the e-mail may be read, and the entire message may not be read. We can even say that emails sent in bulk are annoying. Of course, there are some differences between transactional e-mails and bulk e-mails. Let’s start by addressing transactional emails first. The main target of transactional e-mails is the type of e-mail that supports the fact that the result of the transactions performed by the customer remains in their hands as evidence. For example, a customer has made a payment, and an incoming e-mail confirming that the payment has been made is an example of a transactional e-mail. This way, the customer can track when, where or how much they spend by e-mail. They are informative e-mails sent entirely in line with the customer’s interests.

On the other hand, the primary purpose of mass e-mails is brand promotion. The main goal is to promote a product, a brand, or a service. These e-mails can be sent as weekly newsletters and new product updates. In addition, another difference between bulk mails and transactional e-mails is that the customer’s approval is required for mass e-mails, but this is not the case for transactional e-mails.


Are Welcome Emails Transactional?


One of the first questions we are asked on every platform we are a member of is our e-mail addresses. The main purpose of this situation is to be in constant contact with us through our e-mails. Because nowadays, everyone keeps track of their e-mail accounts and reads the incoming e-mails. The sites also send welcome emails one by one to each individual who becomes a member. This not only makes the members feel special but also makes them memorable. So, do these welcome emails fall under the transactional email type? We can answer this question as yes because one of the main tasks of transactional e-mails is to send private e-mails to individuals. Welcome e-mails you receive, in other words, such e-mails you receive from any site, market, or store you are a member of, include transactional e-mails.


How do Transactional Emails Work?


One of the contributions of technology to our lives is to reach many buyers in a concise time. It is possible to send e-mails to millions of people at once at speeds of seconds. It is pretty easy to deliver all kinds of e-mails, from the most necessary to the most unnecessary, to the recipient. One of the ways to do this is to use an email AP. An application programming interface, an e-mail AP, helps you access your web pages or applications directly from your e-mails. Thanks to this access, you will receive many e-mails that will be useful to you.


Increases communication with customers. Click-through rates of transactional e-mails sent as attachments are about 20 percent higher than those of mass e-mails. Moreover, this method provides a lot of conveniences.


First of all, you need to set a goal. What is the main purpose of sending the e-mail, and what will I achieve with this e-mail. As every action in life has a sense, sending these e-mails is to keep the customer active. We can say that reminding the customer of himself is one of the most essential sending purposes of transactional e-mails. If we talk about the preparation stages of these e-mails, a few sub-headings need to be prepared before sending the transactional e-mail.


On the other hand, another item to be considered for these e-mails is to find a meaningful and engaging subject line for the e-mails because the first thing that catches the eye in emails is always the headers. First, the headlines are read, and if it attracts attention, the content of the message is passed. Care should be taken that the title is less than 50 characters. Words that trigger spam filters (urgency, money) should be avoided. One of the most essential items is to create a successful mailing list. If the e-mails you send conflict with the received customers, you will have to divide your lists into sections. After completing your potential customer profile, it will be more beneficial for you to send their e-mails. Finally, be sure to follow and measure the e-mails you send. Which e-mail was clicked how many times and by whom? Or in which hours people read it more? Compare the results you have reached in line with these analyzes. Do not forget to apply these analyzes to your other e-mails that will be useful for you. But wait between three and five days for this analysis to achieve correct results.


Transactional Email in Euromsg Express


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