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27/12/2023 | E-mail Marketing

Communication stands out as one of the most crucial elements of marketing. To achieve success in efforts in this field, it is essential to design effective marketing communication. You can analyze to whom and how you will address by utilizing data analysis. This way, you can better understand the desires of your potential customers and, when planning marketing communication, act in line with their preferences to carry out suitable campaigns.

Marketing communication enables producers or sellers to reach potential customers by employing various components. The main goal of the process is to accurately understand and meet the desires and needs of customers. To achieve the objectives of marketing communication, you can use various mass communication tools. These may include TV, radio, internet websites, social media channels, printed publications, and billboards.

In the digital age, another method that will enhance your speed and attract almost everyone’s attention is email. It is essential to reach the customer or buyer through the most appropriate channel. The broadest definition of marketing is, in fact, the transfer of products or services from seller to buyer through correct and diverse strategies. As can be understood from this, marketing means establishing communication through strategies, and marketing communication comes into play at this point. It ensures the effectiveness of a product or service, campaigns, and activities from the time they emerge and begin until they reach the consumer, the target audience.

What is Marketing Communication?


Marketing communication is the term used to describe all marketing activities designed to trigger the instinct to purchase branded products and services tailored to the identified target audience through various channels, with the aim of creating this instinct. It encompasses all marketing efforts.

There are different types of marketing communication as well. Integrated marketing communication provides a different perspective on marketing. It is an approach where consumers are defined as customers, and consumers are at the center of all marketing plans. It aims to encourage consumers to make purchases, target behavioral action, and also aims to build customer loyalty.

Through marketing communication strategies, brand promotion can be carried out across different channels. The types of marketing activities to be undertaken for this purpose can be determined, and the entire process can be organized into a plan. When creating this strategy, it is essential to first determine how your brand will position itself in the market. Brand positioning is a label that will introduce you in the market. You should define your own customer profile. With the customer profile you determine, you can more easily map out how to reach whom and in what way. Conducting marketing communication without identifying the target audience is challenging, and this uncertainty can lead to unnecessary financial losses. The company should allocate a budget for the marketing strategy. Furthermore, it should determine the most accurate channels to reach its desired audience.


Why is Marketing Communication Important?

Engaging in marketing communication will bring many benefits to your brand. Firstly, you establish an image for your brand in the market. You define and position your brand, and having a brand image will increase trust. With this trust, you take the first step towards becoming a quality and well-known brand. As your brand awareness increases, you may need a single and integrated marketing strategy. This way, you can quickly understand your target audience, reaching the right target audience at the right pace will be profitable for you.


How to Manage Marketing Communication?

A digital marketing strategy encompasses your online advertising and promotional activities. To do this, you must first understand your target audience. You need to analyze your target audience, understand their habits, likes, dislikes, and gather necessary information about them. This way, you can market your products to this audience based on their interests. Marketing communication, allowing you to see how they will approach your products, leads to quicker results through digital channels. By establishing a format, you can communicate with your target audience within this framework.

The hierarchy of effects model within marketing communication takes potential customers through six different processes until they make a purchase. Of course, the processes each consumer goes through may not be the same. The important thing in this model is for the customer to make a purchase. The 6 steps include creating awareness, understanding and providing information, liking, being preferred, convincing, and making a purchase.

While applying the hierarchy of effects model, it should be known that not every customer can always make a purchase in the first step. Consumers may be encountered in the third or fourth steps as well. Therefore, you should always aim to advance your target audience one step further.

Another marketing communication model is the AIDA model, which plays a role in creating the main message for marketing communication. Messages that prompt the customer to take action are effective in the purchase of the product or service. This model consists of stages such as creating brand awareness, encouraging interest in the product or service, generating a desire to own it, and creating the action of making a purchase. If you want to run a successful marketing or advertising campaign, you can use support from the AIDA model.


What are the Methods of Marketing Communication?

Marketing communication, which relied on traditional methods, was previously conducted solely through advertisements. Due to changing habits, digitization, and modern communication tools, these methods have become inadequate. The need for more up-to-date marketing elements has increased. Consequently, marketing communication methods frequently preferred today have evolved as a result of this transformation. Among these are advertising (TV, digital, social media, viral, internet, etc.), sales promotion, public relations, product design, sales staff training, brand awareness, post-sales support, the design of sales venues, customer service, and marketing-related research.


What are the Channels of Marketing Communication?

Marketing communication methods are carried out through marketing channels. These channels act as a bridge between the customer and the brand. Through this established communication, the seller gets to know the product much better and executes the purchasing action accordingly. Due to advancing technology, most of these channels are now in the digital domain.


Among these methods are content marketing, email, social media, paid social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, local advertising, sponsored content, guest blogs on websites, or video advertisements/contents.



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