5 Ways to Write an Impressive E-mail Subject Line

4/03/2021 | E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a very effective method for companies to achieve customer loyalty by establishing digital communication with their customers at a low cost. The first step to successfully implementing this effective method is to increase the open rate of the e-mails you send to your target audience. Did you know that one of the most important variables determining whether your e-mails will be read or not is your subject line?
To achieve success with your campaigns, it is very important to carefully select the e-mail subject line which creates the e-mail recipient’s first impression. So, how do you create an impressive subject line?

Pay Attention to Making Plain, Clear and Meaningful Sentences in the Subject Line

When creating a subject line for your e-mails, you should refrain from writing very long sentences. Because writing a very long e-mail subject line gives the recipient an impression that you are not able to pinpoint the statement you want to convey. In addition, creating a subject line with short and effective sentences that clearly convey your target message will be very functional in not only attracting the attention of your recipients who receives e-mails from many different brands in their daily life but also it will make your campaigns stand out. By creating your subject line with a maximum of 45 characters, you can present your target message to your target audience more efficiently.

Benefit-Focused Subject Lines Increase Your Read Rate

Mentioning in your e-mail subject line how the special offers, information, products or services will benefit your recipients is a very effective method to increase the read rate of your e-mails. For example, by using subject lines such as “X Methods to Increase Your Sales Rates” or “X Steps That Will Help You Save Costs”, you can highlight in which ways your target audience will benefit, enabling you to start an efficient campaign by increasing your read rates.

Arouse Recipient Curiosity with Your Subject Lines

Your recipients may not help but open an e-mail with a subject line that is attractive and invokes curiosity. In the subject line of the e-mails you send, creating the perception that your recipients will miss out on something or be unable to learn something when they do not read the content, will provide you with a significant increase in the opening rate of your e-mails. For example; you can grab the attention of your readers by using subject lines such as “X Surprising Information About E-mail Marketing” or “Don’t Miss Out on Surprise Opportunities” that cause a sense of curiosity and urgency in the recipient.

Use the Sense of Scarcity and Urgency to Make Your Recipients Take Action

When your subject lines are created correctly, they have the power to urge your buyers. Your reading rates will increase when you send subject lines to your recipients stating that they have limited time left for an opportunity, that your products will almost run out, or that they need to act immediately to take advantage of the campaign and the opportunity. For example, you can use phrases such as “The Last Day To Seize This Opportunity” or “Almost Out of Stock of This Product” that create a feeling of scarcity and urgency, which can multiply the success of your campaigns.

Be Honest with Your Recipients

Tricking your recipients to attract attention or increase click-through rates via the e-mail subject lines would be an approach that damages your brand’s reputation a lot. For this reason, make sure you use subject lines that do not contradict the information you will present in the content, that will not create a feeling of deceit in your recipient, and that will not harm your credibility.

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