What is a Campaign Pre-header?

4/05/2021 | E-mail Marketing

One of the parts that everyone who does e-mail marketing frequently encounter is the campaign preview text, the pre-header part with its international name. The pre-header is a kind of subtitle under the subject of the email you send, and it is the most effective area to attract the attention of your recipients second to the title of the campaign. You can think of the pre-header as the point where the campaign starts.

The most effective way to determine the success of email marketing campaigns is by measuring email open rates. At this point, the pre-header is an area of great importance. Thanks to the pre-header, which is a restricted area, you can make a strong impression on your recipients and increase the rate at which your emails are opened.

Why is the Campaign Pre-header Important?

Before recipients open their email, they want to be informed about the content of the e-mail. This is why, the pre-header is an area of great importance. In the e-mail marketing world, second to the subject heading, the most effective area that makes the recipient’s first impression is the pre-header and the first impression is always very important. Creating short and striking pre-headers about your email content will positively affect the opening rate of your email and result in the increased success of your campaigns.
Many e-mail service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook actively use the pre-header area in their mailboxes. In addition, Google attaches great importance to this part in the e-mails with which it conveys information and post content about itself. Because an effective pre-header is an efficient investment with a very high return.

Things to Do for the Right Pre-header

Pay Attention to the Number of Characters Used

While a pre-header that is written too long can reduce the curiosity of the recipients about the e-mail content, a pre-header text is not enough to attract attention if written too short. In the pre-header, where you can use a maximum of 100 characters, it is better to be careful not to exceed 50-60 characters. When you exceed this number, since the characters will not totally fit in the pre-header of the recipient’s inbox, they will be shortened with an ellipsis (…), preventing the recipients from understanding the content of the campaign without opening the email. This will reduce the impact you want to have on your recipients and the interest you want to receive to your email campaigns.

Pre-header Examples

When sending a New Year’s greeting;
Subject: Happy New Year!
Pre-header: Euromsg Express Family Wishes You a Happy, Healthy, Peace… (wrong)
Pre-header: Euromsg Express Family Wishes You a Happy New Year! (correct)

Pay Attention to the Impression You Wish to Make

You must make sure that the email you send provides correct information about the campaign content.
You need to make sure that the pre-header, which you can consider as the continuation of the message you have given in the subject of your emails, has a correct and accurate expression of the email content.

Pre-header Examples

While sending reminder emails about your campaign;
Subject: Last Day of the Campaign!
Pre-header: Special Prices For Black Friday End Today.

Be Careful, the Pre-Header Should Not Be the Same as the Subject Text

Using the same text as the subject in the pre-header does not create a positive effect on the recipient, on the contrary, it may cause the opening rate of your emails to decrease.
You can think of the pre-header as the continuation of the subject. By creating a complementary preview content that does not disrupt the flow of the subject and acts as a continuation of the subject in terms of meaning, you can attract the attention of your recipients.

Pre-header Examples

While sending your discount campaign email;
Subject: Do Not Miss the 50% Discount!
Pre-header: 50% Discount on Electronic Products for Purchases Over 500 TL

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