How to Manage Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns?

17/11/2023 | E-mail Marketing

During certain times of the year, people are more inclined to make purchases, and Christmas is one of those prime times. With the excitement of preparing for Christmas and the holiday rush, people’s needs increase. Consequently, individuals pay close attention to discounts and campaigns during this period. Email users also tend to view and consider emails from sellers more attentively during this time.


How to Plan a Christmas Email Campaign?

Firstly, review the Christmas campaign you organized last year. Examine which of your campaigns were successful and analyze your work accordingly. When designing the email for your Christmas campaign, make sure to evaluate the results obtained from these analyses. Next, make preparations targeting your audience. Clean and update your address book. Although cleaning address books may be a routine task, it must be checked before such campaigns. Clearing inactive, outdated, or nonexistent email addresses is crucial for the success of company campaigns. Keeping only active members in the address book will protect the company from potential harm. Afterward, clearly define the purpose of your campaign. Do you want to acquire new customers, make your existing customers more loyal, or increase your sales? Setting your goal will greatly help you chart your course. This way, you can determine whether your campaign is tailored to existing customers or a special discount campaign for new customers.

Prepare a slogan or message suitable for the Christmas theme. While doing this, don’t forget to make your customers feel valued. Now it’s time to prepare your email; creating a design that is attention-grabbing, captures the spirit of the season, and does not overlook mobile users is crucial. Of course, don’t forget about the content. Prepare special offers and discounts for the Christmas period. This way, you encourage your customers to shop. However, timing should be the most important consideration when preparing this email campaign. You should prepare your email campaigns before the start of the Christmas week. After conveying your campaign to your customers, evaluate and analyze data such as open rates or click-through rates. By paying attention to all these aspects, you will have planned an effective Christmas email campaign.


What to Consider When Planning Christmas Email Campaigns?

Christmas presents one of the most significant opportunities for consumer shopping, and considering customer satisfaction when preparing emails is crucial. As long as you decide which customer segment to focus on, it will make it easier to customize your campaigns. When preparing your emails, it is an important step to ask questions that will attract your customers’ attention and engage them. If you prepare a good question, you can choose a simple background and an unobtrusive design for the content of your email. Because you have already captured your customer’s attention with the question you asked. Creating questions with a Christmas theme can be quite enjoyable. It will be highly effective to attract their interest and increase your sales when determining your discounts and campaigns. The Christmas period is a highly productive time, but if you pay attention to timing, you will be more successful in this regard.

Make sure to design your emails before Christmas Eve. If you have gone through a good preparation process, addressing your customers by name in the emails you send will make them feel valued. This special attention will earn you extra points in the eyes of your customers, and congratulations, you have succeeded in catching their attention. Announcing the campaigns you have prepared on social media accounts will also increase the attention to your emails. However, if you have not paid attention to how your emails appear on mobile devices, all your efforts could be in vain. Remember that most of your customers view their emails on mobile devices. You must pay attention to this in your designs. Finally, track the performance of your campaign, and if necessary, do not neglect to optimize your campaign.


When Should the Christmas Email Marketing Campaign Start?

You’ve prepared your Christmas emails, and now it’s time to set the right timing. This period, which corresponds to the last weeks of the year, usually starts setting up campaign emails at the end of November or the beginning of December. It’s essential for these campaigns not to coincide with the 11.11 campaigns, but they might overlap with Black Friday email campaigns in terms of timing. Contrary to your expectations, this overlap can help attract more attention from customers rather than reducing sales. Consecutive discounts with different themes can dazzle customers. However, the most crucial thing to consider in this regard is that many companies will organize these campaigns, causing congestion in shipping. It is crucial not to inconvenience the customer during this congestion. Clearly setting a date and warning or informing customers about possible disruptions will make you much more valuable in the eyes of your customers. Prepare a plan considering last-minute orders. It is essential to remember that the trust a customer has in a company will be the most crucial reference for new customers.


How Should the Subject Lines of Christmas Emails Be Written?

When preparing Christmas email marketing campaigns, it is crucial for the subject lines to be attention-grabbing to increase the likelihood of your emails being opened. Creating unique slogans that catch the attention of your customers will enhance the impact of your campaign. It is essential to create a sense of urgency while preparing these slogans. This way, customers will respond to the campaign more quickly. You may need to apply some tactics to instill the fear of missing out on the opportunity you offer. Slogans like “Limited stock,” “last items,” or content emphasizing the end date of the campaign will make your emails stand out, thereby increasing the open and click-through rates of your campaign. Of course, you can also thank your customers while doing this. Although it may seem like a simple gesture, it will make your customers feel valued. A customer who feels valued and happy is ready to shop.



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