How to Manage a Black Friday Email Marketing Campaign?

25/10/2023 | Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing

Black Friday, the last Friday of November when stores offer great discount deals, has evolved into not just a one-day event but can extend over a span of three days, incorporating the day before or after, driven by increasing interest. These opportunity-filled days, connected with Thanksgiving celebrations, excite both consumers and producer brands.

Brands prepare specially for these unique days of the year. Having some data at hand is crucial for this preparation. Firstly, the brand must know whom its products are targeting during the discount days. This information can be obtained from previous sales or, if it’s a new brand, through marketplace research. It’s important to understand which category’s products stand out the most. Campaigns can be structured based on this data.

Black Friday is a day of discount offers that attracts intense interest from customers. Therefore, it’s essential to be able to manage processes like stock and procurement and to ensure the smooth running of the entire process. You need to know who you are addressing for all these processes. Having gender information such as women, men, and age range analyses at your disposal will be beneficial.


When should you start your Black Friday email marketing campaign?

The timing to begin your Black Friday email marketing campaign depends on various factors, but typically, you should have initiated your preparations months in advance and informed your target audience about a month before launching the campaign.

Depending on the industry you are in and the shopping habits of your target audience, you might need to start your campaign at a specific date or even earlier. While in some sectors, initiating campaigns before Black Friday is more common, in others, it is more appropriate to focus on the day of Black Friday itself. At this point, it is essential to have market information about the products you sell. Considering your competitors’ Black Friday campaigns, you should start your campaign within an appropriate time frame to compete with them. Allocating enough time to prepare the content and technical details of the campaign is crucial. Creating and testing visuals, texts, and other content can be time-consuming.


How long should a Black Friday email campaign last?

The duration of a Black Friday email marketing campaign can vary depending on your business objectives, target audience, and the uniqueness of your campaign. If you want to extend the discount period, you can include not only Black Friday itself but also the preceding and following days or even the entire week within your campaign. Setting this requires ensuring smooth stock management and supply chain operations for your brand. You can focus on the main day in promotional emails. Your Black Friday campaign should generally center around the Black Friday itself, leading to an anticipation of intensive email activity on that date. The core of your campaign should start on this date and include special offers, discounts, and other benefits.


What should be considered in a Black Friday email campaign?

Early planning of your Black Friday campaign is crucial. Allocating sufficient time for preparation, campaign content, and technical details can ensure smooth campaign management. Segment your email list. By grouping subscribers based on customer profiles, shopping history, and interests, you can provide personalized offers. Email subject lines and descriptions should be attention-grabbing and engaging. Emphasize your discounts, offers, and the uniqueness of your campaign. Visual content is essential for showcasing your discounts or products. Use eye-catching graphics and product images. Testing before sending emails is important. Ensure that your emails display correctly on mobile devices. Prepare emails optimized for mobile users. Black Friday campaigns should offer significant discounts and special deals. You can entice and prompt customers to act by offering compelling deals.


How to prepare a Black Friday email campaign?

At this point, it’s crucial to set your targets. Clarify the purpose and objectives of the campaign. For instance, set goals such as increasing sales volume, acquiring new customers, or showing appreciation to loyal customers. Update your customer list and segment it. Offer personalized deals by grouping customers based on their interests, shopping history, and demographic factors. Prepare campaign offers such as attractive and enticing discounts, special deals, or gift cards. Provide customers with a genuine and usable discount based on their real needs. Make your email subject lines and descriptions attention-grabbing. Highlight the discounts and offers.

Visualize the offers using images and product pictures. Include informative text describing product details and features. Add clear and concise CTA links to facilitate ease for customers.


How to measure a Black Friday email campaign?

The Open Rate indicates how frequently email recipients open your emails. It is generally expressed as a percentage and is important for assessing whether the emails are engaging. The Click-Through Rate shows how often email recipients click on the links in your email. It helps you evaluate how effective your campaign is. Monitor whether new subscribers are joining your list during your Black Friday campaign. Determine whether your campaign is helping to grow your list. Similarly, you can track how many people unsubscribe, which can help you identify where you might have gone wrong.


Tips for Black Friday Email Marketing from Euromsg Express

Euromsg Express is a leading platform in the field of email marketing and can be useful for creating effective email campaigns during major shopping events like Black Friday. Euromsg Express allows you to segment your subscriber list. Personalize your Black Friday email campaign based on the needs and shopping history of your target audience. Customer segmentation can help you achieve better results. The subject lines of the emails you send via Euromsg Express should be clickable and engaging. Encourage recipients to click on your email by using headlines that include Black Friday-specific offers and discounts. For more, you can read our Black Friday Email Marketing Tips content.



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