Different CTAs You Can Use in Your Emails

20/09/2023 | E-mail Marketing

A Call to Action, abbreviated as CTA, is one of the most effective ways to boost email click-through rates. Getting responses to messages prepared for marketers is highly important. CTAs usually consist of simple yet impactful expressions that often appear at the end of an email. Such phrases guide customers on where to click and, most importantly, encourage them to take action.

While CTAs are commonly employed to enhance user experience on websites, they are also frequently preferred in email marketing. Emails are among the most commonly used effective tools in digital marketing. When creating an email campaign, you can capture your customers’ attention and prompt them to take action with compelling messages. In short, the links you add to your email marketing campaigns allow customers to learn more about your brand and can motivate them to complete a purchase.

If you’re wondering whether CTAs are truly important, let us remind you that messages of this kind provide a better user experience for your customers. Furthermore, they support you in achieving the results you expect from your sales. According to statistics, adding a CTA to an email increases clicks by 371% and boosts sales by 1617%.


Add CTAs to Your Email Signatures

In the world of email marketing, there are numerous ways to reach potential customers, and one of them is through CTAs. A clear and powerful call-to-action message immediately captures your customers’ attention. But it doesn’t stop there! To achieve the desired success in email marketing, you can add CTAs to your email signatures.

An email signature is typically a fixed text that provides brief information about the sender and is often located at the end of an email. This section can be personalized by brands. Essentially, an email signature indicates to recipients that they are communicating with a real person and, when professionally designed, can help identify who you are. It especially contributes to strengthening the image of the company you represent.

When preparing your marketing campaign, you can include information such as the company name, address, and company logo in the signature. Additionally, the email signature can also include the title of the signature owner within the company or links to the company’s social media profiles. To make your email signature more robust and effective, you can create a CTA email signature. This signature includes buttons, links, videos, or clickable elements.

The most crucial part of an email signature is the call to action. If you’re looking for ways to use effective CTAs in your emails, here are a few tips. First and foremost, when creating a compelling message, ensure that the content and purpose are related to your company. You can achieve this by using the same writing style and icons. You can also maintain the tone used in your messages.

To capture your customers’ attention with your message, you should include the right words in your signature. Through concise and memorable phrases, you can engage the reader with your signature. Additionally, by placing a prominent button within your email signature, you can encourage customers to click.

Since the call to action (CTA) is the most crucial element of the signature, you should display the banner after providing your contact information. The email signature banner is positioned below the contact details and serves the purpose of showcasing new content and highlighting special offers. With banners, you can instantly grab the recipient’s attention and potentially generate more conversions and revenue.


Add Links to Important Pages in Your Images

There are many methods available to strengthen your marketing campaign, and one of them is adding visuals to your emails. Images not only enhance the content of your messages but also make them easier to understand. If you add links to important pages in the visuals you use in your campaigns, your customers or subscribers can be quickly directed to the relevant page.

Using compelling visuals in email marketing makes your campaign more engaging. It prompts subscribers to take action and encourages them to visit the pages you’ve linked. By adding a link to the desired page onto the image, you can increase the likelihood of your subscribers taking the desired actions.


Social Sharing Buttons

To take a step ahead in email marketing, what you need to do is add social icons to your emails. This way, you can enable your customers to connect with you through other marketing channels as well. You can further strengthen your campaign by incorporating social icons into your CTAs in the email. Additionally, by using social sharing buttons, you can allow your customers to share your email newsletters on their own social networks.

Social sharing buttons enable your subscribers to share your marketing through their social media links and networks. According to available statistics, emails with a share button have a 158% higher click-through rate compared to those without. Through social sharing buttons, your recipients can easily share your email with their friends and followers on social media networks, thereby increasing your interactions. This, in turn, allows your content to reach a broader audience and potentially attract new prospective customers to your brand.


Facilitate Sharing Your Message via Email or SMS

If you want to convert more potential customers into those willing to purchase your products and services, you should make it easy for others to send your message via email or SMS.

The best channel for brands varies depending on the target audience and usage context. SMS and email are the top two channels for marketers. When looking at statistics, 98% of consumers express a preference for receiving promotions via SMS, while 60% prefer to receive them via email.

As a result, this underscores the importance of both marketing channels. Therefore, you can try to make it easier for others to send your messages through these two channels. This way, you can create a customer journey between email and SMS, strengthen your relationship with your target audience, and increase the likelihood of your message being accessible.

With the self-service feature of Euromsg Express, you can make your email messages more powerful and effective. By delivering high-quality campaigns to your customers quickly, you can enhance your brand prestige.



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