10 Powerful Email Call To Action Examples

15/06/2022 | E-mail Marketing

Using a call to action in emails is an element that you should include when creating your digital marketing campaign. In this article, we will try to answer any questions you may have about a call to action. The examples we give in this article will make you understand the importance of a call to action and how you can use it in your email marketing process.


What is a call to action?


Call to action are short, action-oriented phrases that you can use on your website, in your email, in your ads, and briefly in all channels where you bring your business together with your customers. It is usually given with a clickable button, text, or image to get users to your target point (such as a purchase page, invitations, or contact tab). It is frequently used in marketing campaigns and aims to bring visitors to the desired action. It can be plain text with no link too. Creating a CTA as you see fit for your business and goals is possible. Let’s give a few examples for easier understanding: “Buy now!” “Order now!” “Contact us!”.


Why is call to action important?


It is of great importance in order to ensure that customers benefit from the service and speed up the transactions. Call to action will also contribute to your business in increasing sales and strengthening awareness. As it is striking and direct action, it effortlessly guides the users to the goal of your marketing plan.


How do you write a call to action in email?


How do you write a call to action? If what call to action is and its importance is clear, let’s take a look at how it is used in email marketing. The fact that CTAs are so diverse and that we use them without even realizing it shows that it is actually not that troublesome. But of course, knowing the intricacies of the job will save you from great failure and adverse effects. First of all, the design of your CTA should be eye-catching. Attention-grabbing and captivating expressions should be used. What will be presented to the users with the CTA should be clearly stated. You can add numbers and adjectives to make it more remarkable. Also, a specific feature of your service or product can make a great email call to action. Lastly, you can include verbal expressions. This may be a sentence that will provide them with the stability that customers are looking for.


How many CTA should an email have?


Probably many will answer this question that using just one call to action is sufficient. However, sometimes you may need to include more than one call to action in your email to get your audience to take action. A single call to action may not yield effective results in response rates. This may be related to your message, the action you are aiming at, or the subject of your email. For example, if you’re going to introduce an email call to action for a conference invitation and attendees seem relatively unlikely to devote their time to it, you can bring the conference’s call to action to the fore with multiple calls to action. In this way, you will have implemented a more interesting strategy, and you will accelerate your action. Basically, how many CTA you are going to use depends on various factors, and a well-designed email marketing plan would help you decide. Multiple CTA buttons can increase your conversion rates if you send a long email to your potential customers.


Why is a call to action important for email marketing?


Email call to action is at the forefront of the steps in the sales process of your business. Customers’ purchase action is also important because email marketing can produce results very quickly. With one or more CTAs you can place in your email, you can access users’ contact information, offer them the content you expect them to download, or provide product information. In all these steps leading to sales, using CTA is deemed necessary by businesses.

Email call to action are also expected by customers. Customers who have already determined to take the next step look for the email call to action and trust it. CTA buttons are perfect for such customers to reach their goals quickly. This step is important for both the business owner and the customer. At the same time, there will be curious users who want to research your presence on social media or your website. It is essential to add a call to action button to the email you send so that such customers can easily obtain information about your business and your vision.


10 email Call to Action (CTA) examples


Let’s end our article with a few examples so that you can better visualize the email call to action in your mind.


  • The call to action button (Use Code: AAAAA) Coupon can be defined as an email to direct customers to purchasing directly.


  • Phrases like “show me…” or “take me to…” offer a value proposition and make users feel in control.


  • Words like “get %50 off” provide users with a sense of profit.


  • “Email sign-up buttons” is a simple and useful CTA that you can use within your email.


  • The use of buttons in contrasting colors plays a significant role in drawing the attention of users to call to action.


  • The “for custom-made programs” button makes CTA attractive, making customers feel special.


  • The phrase “let’s talk” provides a warm and friendly approach


  • “Discover the amazing summer collection!” can be quite useful for customers’ needs.


  • “Visit the website for more!” Short paragraphs of interest can be used before entering the CTA.


  • The “get a free offer from us!” button lets CTAs inform users that they don’t pay fees.


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