With euromsg express,

You can upload your members quickly, use ready-to-use templates free of charge, create your email campaigns with monthly packages, transfer your permissions without charge to İYS thanks to our İYS integration.

With a Do-It-Yourself mentality you can deliver your campaign to your subscribers in only 12 minutes.

Do you need advanced marketing actions for your brand? Then take a look at what Related Marketing Cloud (RMC) can do for you:

Channel Campaign

Are email marketing campaigns not sufficient for your brand? Do you need campaigns through different channels such as websites and mobile applications?

Customer Data Platform

Would you like to track your customers’ behaviors and know more about them to put them into different segments?


Do you want to include gamified campaign scenarios to your website and/or mobile application.

Key Account Team Service

Do you want to take your brand’s campaign forward with account managers special for you?

Get to know Related Marketing Cloud!