How Should a Professional Email Signature Look Like?

25/10/2023 | E-mail Marketing

If you are part of a corporate structure, you may need to send and respond to emails frequently throughout the day. Effective communication is crucial in this routine to ensure that your work is not disrupted. You are responsible for maintaining the communication of the institution, company, or firm you represent, and for this, it is essential to present a good image. The way you reply to emails is crucial for your professional image. Creating a professional email signature by adding titles, contact information, photos, or brand logos at the end of the email and including links directing to relevant areas can be advantageous. Having an excellent corporate email attracts the attention of the people you communicate with and creates a more professional image. Therefore, there might be some points to consider when creating your email signature. It is important not to overlook this small but significant detail that can enhance the quality of your email marketing campaigns.


A professional email signature can help you leave a consistent, reliable, and professional impression in your personal and business communication. Firstly, your email signature should include your first and last name along with your position or title. The name of your company can be placed on the line below. Adding the company logo would create an appealing and impressive visual. You can include your company’s number, the company’s website, your reachable email, or the company email. If there are several of these, you can list them side by side or one below the other to convey them quickly to the individuals you are in contact with. You can include your social media profiles or your company’s social media links/accounts in your email signature. Depending on the email client or service, you can create a signature in HTML or text format. Make sure that your email signature is displayed properly not only on desktop computers and laptops but also on mobile devices. It is important to avoid inappropriate and unprofessional language or biased expressions. Therefore, refrain from political or religious expressions. The signature should focus only on information related to business and professional communication.


What is a professional email signature, and why is it important?

The email signature is simply a fixed text at the bottom of the emails sent and received, which users can personalize and add visuals to. In the section where the email signature is located, companies or individuals include the information they want to highlight about themselves, the kind of image they want to portray to the recipient, and what they think will interest the other party.


To better understand the email signature, we can liken it to business cards. These can be described as a series of texts with a corporate identity theme. It may be appropriate to liken the email signature to a business card because the information you will include here will be more or less the same as the content on a business card. Think of it as the digitalized version of the business card at the end of the email.


This text, box, or visual located under the email and referred to as the email signature can be set to appear automatically in every email you send, without the need to prepare it again and again with each mail. It will automatically appear in your email transmissions with a single design you have prepared. You can update it when you want, delete it, or remove it when necessary. You can also add it to the mails you find necessary without sharing it automatically.


Emails sent without an email signature are akin to sending letters without a signature, anonymous and unsigned. The email signature is important for a corporate image and branding purpose. It is an element that every company should have. In other words, the email signature is a requirement of corporate identity and an indicator of brand importance. It indicates that you are an employee affiliated with the company. It shows that you are communicating on behalf of that company or representing that company. It is almost like a business card. It means introducing yourself as a person working under the umbrella of that company. It is your identity in the digital world. It contains the information that allows you to introduce yourself to the person or institution to whom you are sending the email. Let’s take a look at the basic elements that should be included in the email signature.


What are the basic elements of a professional email signature?

An email signature introduces yourself to the recipient of the email. When sending a corporate email, it is important to include certain information to present a professional image. These can include name, surname, title, contact information, social profile icons, links to relevant websites, logo, and photographs.

-Name, surname

Start by using your first name and then your last name for the email signature. You need to clarify who you are to the recipient of the email. Emails sent without a name are often not taken seriously.


You should add your position in the company before your name and surname to indicate to the other party. For example, Project Manager, Marketing Specialist, and so on.

-Contact information

You can add your phone number and email address to your email signature. You should include your work phone or corporate mobile phone number. You can also add your email to the signature for them to reach you quickly.

-Social profile icons

You can add the URL of your company’s website. Optionally, you can also include icons of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media profiles.


CTA stands for ‘call to action’. It is one of the most effective methods to increase email clicks. Getting responses to messages prepared for marketers is crucial. CTA is a section of the email signature that consists of compelling phrases and is located at the end of the email. It is simple and effective. Such expressions direct customers to the right source and show them where to click, thus encouraging them to take action. It is a commonly preferred method in email marketing. Emails are one of the most commonly used effective tools in digital marketing. When creating an email campaign, you can attract your customers’ attention with messages that prompt the other party to take action. Thus, the links you add to the prepared campaigns will provide more information about your brand and encourage purchases. CTA provides customers with a better user experience while helping you achieve the desired results from your sales. Statistically, adding CTA to emails has been proven to increase clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%. 

-Relevant website links

Including the website of the company, firm, or organization you work for in your email signature will provide more information about your brand. 

-Logo or photograph

Using a logo or photograph belonging to your company will leave a lasting impression in line with your branding goals.



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