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What is euromsg express?
euromsg express is a bulk e-mail transmission platform created by Related Digital with more than 20 years of e-mail marketing experience, for small and medium-sized businesses that are new to e-mail marketing.
What is the member limit?
Member limit is the number of e-mail addresses you have uploaded to the system. The e-mails you use in different lists are considered as only 1 member, and multiple use of the same e-mail address will not cause any decrease in the member limit. In this way, you can easily use the same e-mail address in different lists without exceeding the member limit.
For which purposes can I use euromsg express?
You can use euromsg express for all occasions where you need to send bulk e-mails such as holiday and new year celebrations informative e-mails, newsletter transmissions, campaign announcements and product promotions with ease, speed and secure, without needing anyone.
What does the number of transmission mean?
Number of transmission is the total number of e-mails you’ve sent from your account. For example; if you upload 5,000 members to the system and send an e-mail only once, it equals a total of 5,000 transmissions and if you send e-mails 2 times, you will reach the number of 10,000 transmissions in total.
What should I do when I need support on euromsg express?
You can create support requests by sending us a message about the subject you want to receive support, via the “support” button at the bottom right of the panel.
Is it safe to use euromsg express?
Absolutely. We transferred our e-mail experience over 20 years into euromsg express. With the permitted e-mail marketing, industry expertise and the power of Doğuş Group, you can rely on euromsg express.

How to Use

I forgot to add the unsubscribe link while sending my e-mail. What should I do?

euromsg express takes care of everything necessary for you to provide the best service to your customers, as it automatically places the unsubscribe link to your e-mails, you do not need to add this link.

Which browsers is euromsg express used in?
euromsg express supports all modern browsers. You can use it with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.
Does euromsg express offer a free trial package?
As soon as you create an account in Euromsg express, the right to send 100 free e-mails is automatically assigned to your account. You can use your right to send 100 free e-mails within the first month following your account creation date. Unused free 100 e-mails do not transfer to the following months.
I do not have a technical staff in my business. How will I use the panel?
euromsg express is designed as an easy-to-use, self-service product. After logging into the system, you can start using it instantly and easily without wasting time on processes such as integration and contracts.
Do I have a chance to test my campaign before I send it?
Yes, you can send a test transmission to the e-mail addresses you added as a test user before sending your campaign. This is the way you can check the effectiveness of your campaigns before sending them to your recipients.
The same user may have been uploaded more than once on my list. What happens then?
Thanks to the euromsg express infrastructure, adding duplicate e-mail addresses within the same list is automatically prevented by the system.
However, if the same e-mail address is entered in different lists, it is added again and the member is deducted from the quota as 1 member.
What does the number of opens and clicks in the campaign reports mean?
The members who opened the e-mail campaign you sent are displayed in the detailed open report, and if there is a link in the e-mail you sent, the members who click on the link are displayed in the detailed click reports.
Where is the customer contact information I uploaded stored?

Customer contact information is stored on servers of euromsg express.

I do not have a domain defined for my firm yet. Can I use euromsg express?
You can use euromsg express even if you do not have a domain registered with your company. However, if you define the e-mail addresses you receive from service providers such as Gmail and Hotmail as the “sender address”, your e-mails may be caught in the spam filters of the relevant service providers.
What features can I browse by entering the panel without purchasing a package or using the free trial coupon?
You can examine the entire panel, purchase packages, enter account and invoice information, and create templates. After purchasing the package and adding your members, you can use the templates you have created and benefit from the package upgrade and downgrade options.
How to create a support request? How soon can I get a response?
You can open a support request via the “support” button in the lower right corner of the account opening page, without having to log in to the account page. After entering your name, surname and information about the subject you need support on to the ‘chatbot’ that shows up. The problem will be directed to our technical teams, and we will get back to you about the process within 1 business day.
Can I upload the e-mail template I prepared myself to the system?
By entering the HTML code of the e-mail template you have prepared to the HTML button on our template wizard, you can add your ready-made template to our template wizard and send it to your members.
How can I review the results of the campaign I sent?
You can view the detailed reports of the e-mail campaign you sent from our campaign management screens. You can view the campaign status of each member in the lists you have added for the e-mail you sent, and access the open and click details.
Why do the e-mails I send go as
euromsg express is a self-service provider. We use our own IP addresses to securely transmit e-mails sent through our infrastructure. For this reason, although e-mails opened with Microsoft Outlook appear to be received via, your e-mail address appears as the sender. Since we use our own IPs, we regularly carry out IP reputation control and improvement studies and thus we transmit e-mails to your members securely.
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I purchased my package, but I reached my usage limit in the middle of the month. Can I increase my package limit?
Yes, you can. After logging into the system, you can increase your package limit however you wish by clicking the “upgrade my package” button next to the package and remaining credits tab.
I want to change my monthly package, what should I do?
With the switch between packages feature of euromsg express, you can later upgrade or downgrade the package you have selected.
During the monthly subscription renewal, the payment is declined by my credit card. Will my membership get canceled?
In case of failing to charge your credit card, your subscription will not be deleted, but you will not be able to add new members or send e-mails. As soon as the payment is made, you can continue your euromsg express experience from where you left off.
Can I transfer the credits I haven't used in my monthly package to next month?
Credits that you have not used in your monthly package will not be transferred to the next month. New credits are defined specific to each package you purchase.
Which packages can I buy? What are the limits of packages?
euromsg express offers solutions for small businesses with different needs, different member and transmission limits. You can choose from our 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000 transmission packages and start your transmissions.
I want to send more e-mails than the numbers included in the packages, what should I do?

Each package of euromsg express has the capacity to define 50,000 members. In order to get more transmission services, you can upgrade to a higher transmission package. Moreover, you do not have to wait for your package expiry time to do this.


How do I upload my member lists?

You should upload your member lists in TXT format. You can easily upload your member list that will turn into TXT format by downloading our sample file in the system and pasting your e-mail list into the document.

How do I cancel my membership?
In accordance with the laws on electronic commercial messages, we are not able to cancel your membership. However, if you are not satisfied with the service you purchased, you can cancel future payments.
I canceled my membership, can I use my remaining quota?
Monthly packages are valid during the period in which you make the payment. If you cancel your package, you can use the e-mail transmission service until the last month that you processed payment for is completed.
How can I become a member?
We accelerated the membership process. A few information about yourself and your company is enough for you to become a member.
I want to change my e-mail address that I used while signing up. What should I do?
With euromsg express,thanks to the sender profiles feature you can change your sender e-mail, define different e-mail addresses and have multiple sender profiles with a single membership.

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