7 Benefits of E-mail Marketing for Brands

4/03/2021 | E-mail Marketing

With the increase in the number of Internet users around the world, marketing strategies have also become digital. E-mail marketing, which has been on the marketing agendas of many brands for years, is one of the most effective digital marketing methods today. Businesses that are aware of the current potential in this field allocate serious resources to make efficient e-mail marketing.
We have compiled for you the benefits of e-mail marketing, which contributes to ensuring customer loyalty, increasing brand awareness, reaching recipients quickly with campaigns and information, and communicating with the target audience. Let’s examine together.

It Can Make Your Brand Memorable

E-mail marketing ensures that your brand stays in constant contact with both prospective and current customers. The recipients with whom you constantly interact through your products, opportunities, memos, newsletters or campaigns will naturally start to know and get familiar with your brand. In this way, your brand awareness will increase in the eyes of your subscribers, and this will positively affect your sales rates.

You Can Measure Your Efficiency With E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing provides the opportunity to measure data such as read rates, click rates, the number of people the mail is sent to, and the number of unsubscribes. With e-mail marketing, you can easily observe how successful your bulk e-mail transmission is and what kind of road map you need to follow in order to create effective campaigns.

You Receive High Returns With E-mail Marketing

According to the research conducted by Hubspot, 99% of consumers check their e-mails every day. In this case, there is no doubt that e-mail marketing, where you directly target the audience that has previously shown an interest in your brand, is a digital marketing strategy that allows you to communicate with recipients regularly and has a very high return of investment (ROI).

The Digital Marketing Method With the Lowest Cost

E-mail marketing has the lowest cost compared to marketing strategies put through digital channels such as social media ads, search engine ads, and video ads as well as traditional channels such as billboards, newspapers and television. Even if your brand is new to marketing and is a low-budget SME or a start-up, you can reach your target audience and increase your profitability by choosing the e-mail marketing option, which is the most economical digital marketing method.

You Can Increase Customer Loyalty Via E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing, which allows you to communicate with both prospective and current customers continuously and quickly, is a very effective method for your customers to bond with your brand. By creating special campaigns and promotions for your target audience who regularly receives your news, you can conquer their hearts and turn them into loyal customers.

E-mail Marketing Is An Environmentally Friendly Marketing Method

As the sensitivity of the Y and Z generations to environmental awareness has increased considerably, the prestige of the brands that prefer environmentally friendly methods is naturally quite high. Since e-mail marketing is a completely digital marketing method, it enables you to increase your brand prestige by making your brand adopt an environmentally friendly character. It would be useful to mention that the brands which have a special place in their customers’ hearts with social responsibility projects they support increase their customer loyalty.

You Can Easily Use the E-mail Marketing Platforms

Bulk e-mail transmission platforms enable brands to easily create effective campaigns with tools such as ready-made templates, list management, test transmissions, drag and drop template wizards. Moreover, you do not need to have any coding or technical knowledge to be able to do e-mail marketing. It is by far a very effective method for small and medium-sized companies to realize digital marketing in a self-service manner, with low budget and high return on investment.

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