Behavioral Targeting in Email Marketing

12/09/2023 | E-mail Marketing

Email is one of the most effective communication tools used by both consumers and businesses. Considering that there are over 5 million accounts today, using email as a means of communication holds significant importance. Moreover, statistics indicate that active email users outnumber social media users.

Leveraging email usage of such importance can greatly contribute to achieving valuable successes in marketing. Employing behavioral targeting in email marketing is regarded as a robust email strategy. If you aren’t achieving the desired outcomes from your email campaigns despite your best efforts, you can check whether you’re implementing behavioral targeting strategy. So, what is the significance of behavioral targeting in email marketing and how is it implemented?


What is Behavioral Targeting in Email Marketing?

Behavioral marketing enables sending emails based on customer online behaviors to enhance the effectiveness of advertising. With a strategy that caters to your expectations, you can confidently approach your goals. Customer online behaviors encompass the following information:

  1. Clicked buttons
  2. Search elements
  3. Web interactions
  4. Viewed pages

All these details essentially enable you to send tailored emails aligned with the actions and behaviors of your engaged customers. You can automatically send targeted emails to subscribers in your database based on their interactions across various channels. Considering that 81% of customers desire brands to understand them, behavioral targeting can guide you toward your objectives. By comprehending your target audience, you can provide them with unique and personalized experiences.


How to Implement Behavioral Targeting in Email Marketing

The key to creatively leveraging the behavioral targeting strategy lies in crafting ads and email campaigns that establish a personal connection with your customers.

To implement this strategy that can yield significant gains, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Collect Cookies: Cookies are identification data that allow marketers to gather information about users visiting websites. This enables actions to enhance user experiences. By using cookies, you can track user behaviors and present relevant ads that cater to your audience. Through cookies, you can gather information such as age, gender, interests, or location.
  2. Build User Profiles: Over time, cookies can collect and store various data, from new page visits to ad clicks and search habits. As a result, you can have a clearer user profile at your disposal. This enables you to group users and understand many aspects of your customers, such as their interests, preferences, and purchasing tendencies through behavioral targeting.
  3. Share Information with Viewers: After obtaining the necessary data, you can put the information into action to enhance the customer experience. For this purpose, when consumers connect to your site or network, you can present them with personalized advertisements tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


What Are the Advantages of Behavioral Targeting in Email Marketing?

Behavioral targeting enables companies to obtain essential information. Data that will provide customers with excellent experiences guides companies in terms of marketing. The benefits are as follows:

  • Excellent Conversion Rates: Achieving high conversion rates is always a top priority for companies. Email conversion rate is a measurement that helps determine the success of your campaign and the number of people taking action. The most effective way to increase email conversion rates is to examine purchase history and interactions on your website. This way, by understanding customer behavior, you can adjust your campaigns and enhance conversion rates.
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI): Behavioral targeting supports increasing your interaction with your audience, resulting in a higher return on investment. A low return on investment is not a profitable situation for the company. While email remains a highly effective form of marketing, applying a strong strategy can boost your investment returns.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: By leveraging your data effectively, you gain the opportunity to offer personalized campaigns to your customers. Acquiring information about customer needs and preferences supports delivering products and services that meet your target audience’s expectations. Personalized experiences attract their interests more effectively. Addressing the right audience correctly, you can achieve an increase in user interactions.


What Are the Types of Behavioral Emails?

Behavioral email types vary. However, the emails you need to send can also vary from person to person. Here are a few behavioral email types and features you might prefer.

  • Registration Emails: Registration emails are sent to newly signed-up customers. Messages like welcome or participation emails can greet customers and provide necessary information about your service.
  • Post-Purchase Emails: After customers complete a purchase, you can send them emails such as order confirmations and delivery notifications to keep the dialogue going and explain the progress of their order.
  • Abandoned Cart: Abandoned carts are the last thing marketers want. To prevent potential customers from abandoning their carts, you can send a well-crafted abandoned shopping cart email.
  • Customer Retention Emails: If you have past customers who have previously purchased products or services from you, you can use emails to invite them to engage again. People who have shopped from you before may be receptive to a brief email since they likely trust you as subscribers.
  • Product/Content Recommendations: If customers have made purchases from your brand before, there’s a high likelihood they’ll do so again. Hence, you can send emails offering similar or related services. This way, you can engage with satisfied customers who have already purchased your product.

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