2024 Marketing Calendar: On Which Special Days Should I Conduct Email Marketing?

7/02/2024 | E-mail Marketing

When creating your 2024 marketing calendar, it is essential to plan email marketing campaigns by targeting specific special days.

Emails have always been one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. Another advantage is that, unlike the size of the company, it is the right choice for every business. Emails enable direct communication with your target audience and potential customer prospects. They are likely to become one of the most stable and reliable solutions. Regardless of the size of your business, you can reach a massive audience with a single email, thereby increasing your customer potential.

However, email marketing, despite all its advantages, does not guarantee success on its own. To achieve the desired results, you need to develop strategies based on your insights. Your strategies can be prepared based on your insights. You should diversify your emails to increase variety. There are different types of emails that you can send to reach your members. Among these, you need to choose the most appropriate and use them at the right times. The right time could be the special days listed in a one-year calendar. These special days are the most interactive days when you can connect with your customer base and receive the highest interaction.

Depending on your industry and brand identity, you may notice differences in the types of emails you send. Some special days may be more compatible with your brand. You can plan ahead for these days in terms of theme and content, preparing them in an organized manner days before the events.


The Importance of Conducting Email Marketing on Special Days

Conducting email marketing campaigns on special days can provide your customers with more opportunities. Almost every month of the year has a special day, and you can consider these days as significant opportunity days. This is because sending emails on these days can help establish a connection with your customers. As a brand, you can build your marketing strategies through emails, utilizing various product services from euromsg express for these email campaigns.

You can engage in email marketing on special days to increase interaction, strengthen relationships, and enhance the visibility of your brand. Whether it’s birthdays, holiday seasons, festivals, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, every special day can result in positive feedback.

If you plan to organize an email campaign on these special days, using automation can not only save time for your marketing team but also minimize human errors. For instance, when a customer wants to purchase a product, you can send them emails providing information about stock availability, price changes, items left in the cart, and more.

For example, in an email marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day, understanding which product a customer is interested in allows you to tailor some follow-ups related to that product. When the product is back in stock, you can send a “Product Back in Stock” email. To send such emails, you can conduct a preference survey with your customers beforehand. Depending on the responses, you can send notifications like “Price Drop” or “Cart Abandoned” when the product’s price decreases. Through these efforts, you can retain your customers.


Special Days for Email Marketing

When creating your 2024 marketing calendar, it is essential to plan email marketing campaigns by targeting specific special days.


Valentine’s Day on February 14th

On Valentine’s Day, you can organize romantic gifts, special offers, and campaigns with Valentine’s Day themes. This day is known for lovers exchanging gifts, celebrating, and spending quality time together.


International Women’s Day on March 8th

International Women’s Day on March 8th focuses on women’s rights and their social, economic, and cultural achievements. If you plan to conduct an email marketing campaign on this day, you can send your customers a greeting card celebrating this special occasion. Special discounts on women-related products are often applied globally on this day. If your brand is related to these topics, you can also organize campaigns and discounts. You can announce these opportunities through your email network well before this special day.


Mother’s Day on May 12, 2024, Sunday

Celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day could be the next special day in the calendar. You can prepare special discounts, offers, campaigns, and gift cards for women on Mother’s Day. This day, emphasizing the value of mothers, is significant for brands. It can be a good opportunity to buy a gift for your mother on that day or throughout the week. Brand activities can be carried out through these efforts to engage with customers.


Father’s Day on June 16, 2024, Sunday

The next day is Father’s Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Father’s Day email marketing offers a significant opportunity for businesses and brands to strengthen customer relationships, increase product sales, and support customer loyalty. Offering special deals or discounts to customers on special days can increase customer loyalty. Father’s Day email campaigns can encourage customers to feel connected to your brand, prompting them to make repeat purchases. Campaigns during these times are often tailored for men.


Summer Discounts

Summer Discounts cover the months of July and August. Summer months bring changes in customer behaviors and needs in many sectors. Summer entails special demands such as holiday seasons and warm weather activities. During this period, special email campaigns can be designed to meet customers’ needs for summer activities. Elements like holidays and sunny weather shape the overall atmosphere of summer. In your email campaigns during this period, you can create an interesting and fun atmosphere with summer-themed content. Summer months are generally a busy period for shopping and holiday plans. Special email campaigns, summer discounts, end-of-season sales, or special offers can attract customers and increase your sales.


Back to the City

As the summer months and holiday season end and we transition into autumn, it is essential to act with the awareness that a new season has begun. Schools reopen, and the return to work starts. You can organize school shopping and campaigns themed around the beginning of the school year for students and parents.


Halloween on October 31st

In 2024, Halloween falls on October 31st. On this day, you can send Halloween-themed campaigns, costume discounts, or emails for special events.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday (November 23-26)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are significant discount days. During this period, you can attract customers by offering substantial discounts, special deals, and campaigns. These days are highly anticipated by customers, and you are likely to receive significant returns.


Christmas and New Year’s Eve Discounts

In December, you can end the year strongly with special discounts, gifts, and campaigns. For example, during Christmas, you can send emails with Christmas-themed campaigns, gifts, discounts, and special events.


These special days offer opportunities to influence your target audience and increase customer engagement when planning your email marketing campaigns. It is essential to enrich your campaigns with customized content and offers for each event, aiming to enhance customer loyalty and stimulate sales.


As these periods approach, personalized and/or segmented emails with purposeful and engaging content, along with added links, make it easier for your customers to access the products. You quickly introduce your promotion. By reducing the rush of finding gifts for your target audience, you increase satisfaction. These special days are significant for many people. Conducting marketing through email for those who do not spend these days without gifts will likely yield high returns.



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