Marketing automation is a platform that enables the automation of marketing tasks in different online channels. While this technology can be applied across many different channels and campaigns, from social media marketing to landing pages, it is particularly common in email marketing. Brands can use it to target users at strategic points along their customer journey, sending them automated messages via email, live chat, or other communication methods. 

This technology, which helps to organize marketing processes fluently and efficiently, provides a clear answer to the industry’s constant question: “What is the probability of this marketing initiative being successful?” With the system that minimizes the margin of error, historical and predictive customer insights are presented over consistent data. In this way, it is easier than ever for marketing teams to concentrate their energies on new campaigns and achieve effective results.


Why is marketing automation important?


Marketing automation is software that automates marketing communication processes for you. This software helps you organize your marketing activities and set your priorities. It supports you in getting maximum performance from marketing communication. It shortens your decision-making processes and enables you to make data-oriented decisions.

Thanks to marketing automation software, the monotonous work that consumes your time will no longer be a burden on your shoulders, and you can use your working hours more efficiently and focus on your work.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to earn more revenue and maintain profitability. For your marketing communication to be successful, you need to attract more visitors to your site, convert visitors into leads at higher rates, and convert potential customers into customers at higher rates.

Trying to handle every step of this customer journey, which should be planned step by step, can wear us out mentally and cause us to make wrong decisions. For this reason, marketing automation is very, very important.


What is the purpose of marketing automation?


Marketing is one of the most important steps for a business. With marketing, you can create brand awareness, increase your sales, grow your business and help you engage more with your existing customers. So if you’re starting a new business and have a limited budget, it’s an excellent investment for the future to spend at least some of that budget on marketing. Thanks to your marketing efforts, you will have the opportunity to create the awareness you need for your product or service.

Today, digital marketing is more popular and cost-effective than other types of marketing. Therefore, large or small businesses should benefit from digital marketing.

Digital marketing starts with a beautiful website. Design your website by including information about your services and products and optimize it to attract visitors from search engines. Once your website becomes visible and gets visited, the important thing is to convert them into leads. Otherwise, your marketing work will not be efficient with the unknown and untracked visitor traffic. 

Live chat is the shortest way to turn your visitors into potential customers in the first place. For this purpose, include some contact forms where your visitors can contact you, open trial accounts about your products, and review them. Or even better, you can also put live chat on your website so they can reach you immediately.

Email marketing should become an option for you as your database begins to form. Creating content is very important for email marketing. You should not send emails with general and standard content. Your email must be of interest to those who reach it. Otherwise, they will delete it as soon as they receive it. Therefore, you should not send emails solely for product marketing purposes.

Besides, holding online seminars is one of the best marketing content. It is essential to have online workshops from time to time to talk about the benefits of your products and services and to introduce them in more detail.

Finally, making these processes integrated allows you to be more productive. You should manage marketing automation systems together with your marketing and sales process. For example, when someone starts a demo account on your website, you can get your leads back faster with simple automatic successive steps. This process can be done relatively quickly with marketing automation tools.


What are the benefits of marketing automation?


Automating your relationship with users will improve your marketing efforts in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits together:

Things get faster: Now, you’ll save time as messaging and communicating with your audience will be handled automatically.

Your margin for error is reduced: Human errors are significantly reduced with the transition to marketing automation because your actions are not manual and happen thanks to intelligent software. This helps you position yourself better in the eyes of your audience.

Your sales increase: You can observe a decrease in your marketing and advertising costs. Your sales start to grow.

Better customer relationships are built: Customers are closer to buying when brands have a specific and relevant offer. Your relationships will also be strengthened, and loyalty will be established.


How effective is marketing automation?


One of the most critical factors businesses can consider when optimizing their operations is marketing. Having the proper tools and resources can help boost the efficiency of their marketing departments. One of the most common benefits of marketing automation is that it allows them to be more effective in their efforts to grow their business.

Marketing optimization, a very effective marketing strategy with all the benefits it provides, was our topic in this article. Contact Euromessage now to learn more and find out what we can do for you!


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